Poppin' the Pink

I know I'm the LAST one of my sisters to get all gaga over some pink, but lemmie tell ya, I grabbed this GAWK shirt, and my Bax boots and rocked that shit! I absolutely LOVE it, and Gawk, by Mell McMahon as you may recall had once been the creator for Inimitably before she closed it. I LOVED her designs. Anyway, she does QUALITY textures and I absolutely LOVE her stuff. but back on topic...

I'm gonna keep this simple. I was DJing, as a penguin, and I changed back to human at the end of the event...of course I was naked... my good friend Alex said "COVER UP WOMAN!" and then passed me these FANTASTIC Wicked Gear chain belt low rise pants. Lemmie tell you about these pants, they're not those super low rise pants where your yaya is hanging out. They're PERFECT. Low enough to be sexy, but high enough to be modest. REAL. And I love when designers keep it real.

OH! I nearly forgot, The Onyx Ribbon Choker from Dahlinks. Simple and stunning!!!!

So after getting these pants, I decided, shoot, I need a new shirt! HA! And off to Gawk I went... paired this AWESOME shirt with some boots and here we have... Fashion Porn!!!!

Hair: Truth - Annika - Snow
Skin: LAQ - Tasha2
Eyes: PC Eyes - Moroccan Night - Freebie
Shape: ~!STARE!~ Renee - Customized.
Necklace: Dahlinks - Onyx Ribbon Choker
Shirt: GAWK - Striped Rose Cashmere sweater
Pants: Wicked Gear: Classic Low Rider jeans- chain belt

Happy Shopping!!!


Suitelady March 16, 2011 at 9:16 AM  

I so love when you wear pink sissah! ♥

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