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Spirit Tee from SN@TCH
No fancy blog post. No details on how it falls on the avi. Just one very simple message: STOP the bullying.

In the past few months, more young people (our babies) have been taking their own lives because they have succumbed to bullying for their personal choices, be they loving someone of the same gender, for loving both genders, different lifestyles, color, creed, you name it.

EVERY suicide, no matter the reason, is a tragedy.  EVERY hate crime is a tragedy, no matter the reason. It is NOT OKAY.  We are all human beings, different and beautiful.  And not one single one of us have any right to judge, berate, bully or cause harm to another for being different.

This is one of four FREE male t-shirts that you can pick up today at the front desk of SN@TCH.  Each one has its own message:
I Will Stand Up For You (worn above)
It Gets Better
Homophobia Is So Gay
Teach Our Children Not to Hate (my personal fave :))

Today is National Spirit Day aka "Wear Purple" day.  This marks the day of silent support for our fellow members of the GLBT community as well as our GLBT youth and anyone that suffers from incessant bullying by their peers.  This type of behavior is not acceptable and it needs to end.  So even though it's ... just a shirt .. wear it.  The message is quite clear: stand up for your friends, for yourselves, against hate and persecution for being different.

Don't be a jerk, teach all of our children (and a few of our adults) NOT to hate. The tragedies that have befallen these youth and their families is not race/gender/sexual orientation specific. It CAN happen to you or someone in your family. So stand up. Stop the bullying and the hate. This is too important not to.
xo  Kilolo Jenkins


Guy Hodges October 20, 2010 at 9:51 PM  

Awesome post Kilo. It does not matter who you are or where you come from or whom you love. Everyone is equal. A lot of people have experienced this OR you have seen it done to someone else. Bullies suck. Plain and simple. I am glad,like most things, people in a virtual world and the real world have come together to fight for this cause. So kilo you get a big two thumbs up for posting this.

Ivey Deschanel October 21, 2010 at 7:52 AM  

ABSOLUTELY! Being as old as I am and to experience bullying, debasement, threats and discrimination is so hard and so emotionally draining, imagine how it is for a 14 year old, for a 10 year old! It's devastating and children don't have the life experience and fight that it takes to get through it to the next place in their lives. We as adults and strong people in general have to stand up and say...I AM HERE..SOMEONE CARES about you. It's the most important thing we can do especially as "alternative lifestyle" adults to make sure this generation of wonderful and special children see their lives laid out in full wonder someday. Great post!

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