New Attitude!!

The smoky gaze, that come hither stare, the cutest little upturn to the corner of her lip...she's flirting with you.  This is what I saw when I met Daisy.  She's pint-sized, cute as a button and definitely someone worth getting to know. I was over on the Dahlinks Sim the other day having a look at their new SFL collection of jewelry, when the cutest little thing caught my eye: this bubbly little short lady running around the store.

She was petite, spunky and bouncing off the walls and I totally was taken by her energy.  So naturally, I struck up a conversation with her, eventually asking where she got her shape because it was done really well.  In response, she simply pointed upstairs.  She scrawled on a little napkin "follow me" and up the stairs I went. Reading her profile, I realized I was speaking to Talah Magic, owner of !Stare!, SL's newest shape store.  She doesn't speak; simply emotes and writes messages on biodegradable napkins. But words are simply not always needed.  She showed me around her shop and stopped in front of one of her first shapes and there she was: Daisy

Clocking in at 5"8" this avi is a little shorter than average, has petite, delicate features, but packs on powerhouse punch of spunk and exuberance when paired with the right skin, hair and overall attitude of the person putting it on.  And Talah has just that: a pint-sized, flirty nature that truly brought her creation to life.

Unable to resist the want to try it out for myself, I went ahead and bought the shape (something I've never done not once in SL - I've NEVER bought my own shape! O.O).

I tried to follow the style card (which each shape comes with a style card to help you bring out the best of your shape). But you know me...I had to make it my own. I tried it on my skin, totally didn't work.  So I rummaged through my inventory and found the PERFECT combination!

When I put it on, I felt the bubbles, the batting of the lashes start and I thought to myself, ' be someone else for a day...let's see!'.  So after sifting through my inventory, I came up with the look on the left!  I may not keep this look, I was missing my regular skin halfway through shooting LOL, but man was it fun pretending to be someone else for the moment! But I digress. I think...I think I nailed it....but you be the judge.

Take a chance, head on over to Dahlinks, stop ... and !Stare! into a new shape by Talah Magic.  You'll be glad you did!


Hair: Maddy in Caramel by Truth
Shape: Daisy limited by !Stare!
Eyes: Black Licorice Eye by Body Politik (now called Logo & Kin)
Skin: Chastity Bronze VI w/ Landing Strip - Makeup 1 by SD Skins
Jewelry: Tribal Belly Piercing by Xcite
Jewelry: "Only You" Earrings and Necklace by Zuri's
Jewelry: Earth Banded Ring by Earthstones
Outfit: Britney (sans Jacket) by Phoenix Rising (closing for good on Saturday 10/30/10 - go get it!)
Shoes: Dangerous Woman Ankle Boots - Texture Changeable by Ispachi


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