Vindicated....or not...

When I first posted the blog about "Latex Exploration" I knew I would get a few comments because Kayliwulf has such a large following, what with the brand loyalty and loyalty to the owner, who I agree is brilliant in their marketing and a very nice person. I sit here, baffled actually at the amount of hatred and venom directed AT me for my honest blog. I don't write these blogs to rip apart any one designer, it just happened that on that particular night, I was inspired by the lack of any other designers' latex in the room. I wanted to make a point that, there are in fact other and yes, better options out there.

Make no mistake, I wasn't attacking how "nice" the owner was. Or the fact they sponsor a ton of events grid wide. I know they do. I also know that has helped their business expand beyond the small store they started with into a multi sim megaplex. Designers grid wide can learn a lot from the business model KK has established. Clearly, the brand loyalty is very strong amongst those in SL.

I had no intentions of commenting on the numerous hate-filled comments left on that blog. They didn't effect me in the least as I know they are entitled to their opinions as well. I do appreciate the comments telling me that my information isn't up to date. My question to them is, how would the average Avi who doesn't live in KK items know this without spending the extremely priced amount for the outfit? I was basing my review on items I own, which I do admit was from a year or more ago, however, those items are STILL BEING SOLD. I found them. Yes, boots and all. Unchanged in their advertisements. So how am I to know, they've updated them? Which brings me to a previous point of: why can't KK update to the tech of the times? Send already owned updates out. A good friend of mine actually requested the updated version of an item she owned, only to receive the very same item. So I ask, where have they updated? It's the same old tune as far as I've seen. Now, if I'm shown differently, then I will amend MY OPINION. Until then, I stand by my blog expressing that there are A LOT BETTER options in Latex these days on the grid than Kayliwulf Kingdom.

This is a fashion blog after all, And we pride ourselves with writing the good and the bad to inform the SL consumers. I thank you all for your time in reading the blog, we greatly appreciate your feedback. Those who actually made useful statements that is.... Then we get to the ignorance like the latest comment... and I quote...
"You really are one sad person. People like you should just die now because
you are worthless to society. Go to hell bitch."

Yep, that was posted Anonymously. Cute right? I think it's adorable because they posted all hater like accusing me of being sad and worthless when, they're doing the very same thing except, they're attacking someone on their opinions rather than providing any sort of basis for it. I'm not sure that an SL Fashion blog about SL Fashion would constitute having to die and go to hell, but I admire the writers strong feelings on the subject, it means, as a writer, I've done my job. I've elicited emotion.

Thanks for the compliments loves. I'm not always this harsh on a store. You need only to read my others posts. ;)


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