Kilo Meets and Stares at ... Kim

Pint-sized, spunky, a little tomboyish. Introducing...

Kim by ~!Stare!~

So I got a message from Talah Magic and a folder (called "Kim for Bloggers") with this exquisite little shape in it with style card and notes about how the creator viewed one of her newest creations. The shape is designed to go with an Asian skin, the frame, a hopeful intent to bring her perception of a young asian female. I'm not sure where, but she also sent out a notice or message (either in her group, on her blog or on her facebook...yes..Stare is EVERYWHERE) stating she was looking for customers (or aspiring photogs) to create ads for her shapes. And if she likes them, she'll even use them in the store.  So I figured, "why not? Let's give it a go!"

I loved this shape from the first time I put it on.  While she's a little boxy and her body's features quite petite, I loved that someone is creating smaller avatars with more true to real life heights and sizes out there for those residents that prefer to not be Glamazing Amazons (yes, Glamazing is a word...I know because I just thought it up :P).  Anyway...back to Kim!  I had a little bit of trouble shooting her, because well...I'm still a beginner in photoshop and still learning light and angles for shooting.

I wanted to give Kim an up-to-date, kick ya in the pants but still look pretty while doing it look, so I sat on my parcel for a while trying to think of what I had that was attidudinal, but cute (yay more Kilo word creations :P). While rummaging through my uber large inventory (yeah...we won't talk's huge), I came across an outfit from Delirium I totally forgot I had and slipped it on and thought .... oooh yeah...that's what I'm talking about! After putting it on, I thought of 99 Elephants, a store that is all about the mohawk and not the hard, stab you in the eye types of hawks one usually sees affiliated with the style. Remembering I had Docs, I tossed em on, updated the holes and laces to pink and voila!  Kim...short, spunky, fun-sized, attitudinal AND cute.  The two shots above are my attempts at making ad shots for it.  Hope Talah likes them! Toodles gang!

xo  Miss K

the look:

shape: ~!STARE!~ Kim~Limited
skin: .::(FBB)::.Gia 01 Promo Skin
hair: 99 Elephants - Krima -f1 (pink mohawk)
tattoo: TinK - Rose Hip Tattoo
eyes: MADesigns EYES_NATURE ~ Swamp
earrings:  [V/INSANITY] OTITIS MEDIA Ear piercings
mouth jewelry: [ skream! ] "new generation" piercing
shoes: [Docs V2] 8 Hole - F - NINE [bagged] wear
Outfit is 2 blended Delirium looks
  Delirium - Confessions: Black Gloves, Hood (spine), neck ring
  Delirium - Waiting (long pant option, sans bellychain)
Whisper couples pose by Embody
P011b & P010 by WDK


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