My Deer Wants to Party All The Time, Party Allll the Tiiiiiiiime!

Reporting live from Lightening Video...

This is Winter News and I'm your roving reporter.  The mood at today's scene is both disturbing and confusing.  How these three reindeer managed to take such a downturn so quickly has baffled both staff and customers alike!  But let's recap how I happened upon this scene of disarray that has left one deer passed out, another caught with his snout in the Christmas stocking and another holding gifts and bows hostage...

As the Christmas season winds down, some are slowly re-emerging onto the grid to celebrate the holiday season with their online loved ones.  Knowing my special someone had spent a long day at work on Christmas Day of all days, I thought I'd surprise him with a movie classic from the 80's called "Santa Claus: The Movie".  If you've never seen this movie, you simply MUST!  John Lithgow as a bad dude, Dudley Moore as a rogue elf and New Edition singing the in the background...WHAT??? maybe I'm one of the five people that actually saw this movie...all the more reason to find it and share it with someone special (read: torture them with my nostalgia). But I digress...I slipped into my spiffy new holiday boots (a holiday release from Bax Boots), my free gift dress from Fishy Strawberry (with an awesome bow) and headed out to find my movie!

I went to every movie place I could think of inworld to find it (Shaft, XL Movies, Millions to name a few) deal. Then I went to my tried and true go-to place: Lightening Video.  I mean surely they had to have it, right? Upon teleporting in, I turned around to gain my bearings and of course...rez...only to find a trio of reindeer got into the egg nog just a little too much.  Meet: Dasher, Dancer and Prancer aka the party animals of the Reindeer 8, an outfit of deer commissioned by none other than Saint Nick to help deliver presents to all the good little boy and girl avatars of Second Life.

L-R: Vixen, Donder and Blitzen of the Reindeer 8
As I slowly approached these three deer, the smell of egg nog, peppermint and a very sweet smelling substance emitted from the area.  The decorations that should have been on the tree...somehow had found their way onto the culprits of this lively scene.  Donder was passed out on some of the gifts, a poor bagged satchel quivering in terror underneath him;  Vixen appeared to be trying to eat some of the evidence and Blitzen... I ... I simply have no words...

As I approached the scene, Vixen looked quite skittish, so I interviewed her first...

Me:  Vixen, what...happened?  Was the stress too much? Did you guys make a pit stop?  What has made you turn from such a pleasant crew to partying so hard that you've caused this much damage on a poor, unsuspecting store??
Vixen: *chews* ughmph *gnaws* mmm *swallows*  lookah hur woman...YOU try luggin' that red and white dude and all his stuff around...shooo sometimes a deer just need ta unwind! Now back it steppin' on mah oregano laced fruitcake!
Me: Um...Vixen... that's YOUR hoof in the fruitcake, not my foot...
Vixen:  Whaaaaaaaaaatever! Back it up! (some nerve! O.O)

I tried to interview Donder, but he was still out cold.  Near him, I found his drug of choice (see insert).  I tried to get a clear answer out of Blitzen, but um...the green bow on his butt was all that was needed.It would appear that the cause for all this trouble was narrowed to some laced fruitcake (not oregano as Vixen has tried to lead us to believe), some tainted cookies (seen by Donder) and some spiked candy canes.  Moving on...

I never did manage to find my favorite Christmas Movie to share, but I did pick up "Love Actually" (one of my personal all-time favorites) which not only makes for a GREAT Christmas movie, but also Valentine's day as well. Let's hope he likes it as well *giggles*

This is your roving reporter...signing off!


Skin, Shape, Eyes, Rings: not sharing...mein
Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Luna - Midnight
Jewelry: "Only You" Earrings and Necklace by Zuri's
Dress (with pretty bows for hair): *Fishy Strawberry* Eos Babydoll Christmas Edt.
Shoes: BAX Prestige Holiday Boots
Microphone: Reek - News Microphone
Location: Lightening Video
The Reindeer: FallnReindeerVixen, FallnReindeerDonder and FallnReindeerBlitzen from FallnAngel Creations

Blogger's Note: These deer btw are sold all year around in the holiday area (follow the link in here). However, they may not be up for display...there are vendors available on the wall to pick them up though! :D


Anonymous December 27, 2010 at 4:11 PM  

Totally Hillarious, I love the store too, and its my favorite and got a kick out of the reindeer as well. Great story

Imzadi Amaterasu December 29, 2010 at 5:42 AM  

Hi there.. Thanks for stopping by LV.. All the staff loved your blog about the reindeer.. was hilarious!

LV currently does take requests for movies. We will be doing a Christmas in July theme as well next years Christmas too. I have added your request to our list specially marked to see if we can get it in for both of these times of the year since this years Christmas season is almost over.

Happy Holidays and New Year to you and your readers :)

Imzadi Amaterasu
General Manager LV

Kilolo Jenkins December 29, 2010 at 8:11 AM  

Yaaaaaaaay! Thank you Imzadi! And I'm glad y'all liked the post!

But need to KEEP KEEP KEEP "Santa Claus: The Movie" as an unlimited. I found out quite a few remember I'm guessing more than five people saw it! LMAO

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