Here Comes Winter…

What better way to rush in the Holiday Season, then with some nice fashions?  Warm snugglies?  Yes, we love both here at Shop*gasm, and we don’t stop until we are completely satisfied!
Ladies today I bring you the joys of Mix & Match!  For most of us women, and some of our men, we pride ourselves on having the best, hottest, sexiest put together outfits on the grid.  Recently I have been experimenting with M&M and have to admit, sometimes the outfits I come up with myself, are BETTER than the pre-packaged ones that we all spend a fortune on just to look good.  So the next time that you wanna go for a certain look, rummage through that mess that is your inventory and see what you already have, perhaps all you will need to add is an accessory or a cute sweater *winks*  Which is what my case was last night! 
I wanted a casual, yet sexy look to wander SL in.  I didn’t want to be overly sexy, wasn’t in the mood to attract that kind of attention.  So I tossed on some jeans, sneakers, and my glasses.  The one thing I COULD NOT FIND was a decent sweater.  It seems that my closet is lacking in that department.  So off I went to NyteN’Day.  I see their adds all the time across the feeds, and decided I would check it out.  Now, while most their clothes are lacking in detail and for me personally are slightly on the newbish side, they are relatively inexpensive, and if you spend some time and look closely at what they have you will find a jem, like I did with this sweater!

It’s cute, it’s red, and it accents what I already had on!  Totally the look I wanted to go for and it only cost me $75L!   Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with fashioned that are not detailed up the ying/yang, sometimes that actually hinders the pieces, not one bit, but after my shopping experience at NyteN’Day, I can say with certainty, unless they have something STELLAR in their subscribo notices, I won’t willingly go back – because I am picky!  Not because of their clothing on a whole.

Item Details:
Hair - Truth "Grace" - -
Kalnins "Quantum " -
Sweater - NyteN'Day "Snug Red" -
Jewlery - Dahlinks - Wearing  Have a Heart Pendant & Stacked Silver Bracelet -
Jeans - Potassium "Plain Steel" *Sorry ladies Banana decided to close her shop, these are no longer available*
Shoes - SOREAL Superstars Black & White -
Couch  40L for a LIMITED TIME, so like GO NOW!
S.LOVES  Calia Italia Contemporary Sofa - has 12 poses in it, perfect for bloggers!
Skin, Eyes, Shape – As much as I enjoy that people post where they get their skins and shapes, I have taken great pride in my look, and love the fact that I have yet to run into someone who “looks like me”, for this reason, I will never reveal the source of theses three items.  I enjoy my uniqueness to the fullest ♥


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