Blacklace: Miguelina

It's Friday the 13th, and just when you thought nothing would go wrong, the evil vortex of SL opens up and attempts to swallow you whole! *Face Palms* So not having a good Friday. But I digress, because it was quickly solved with some snuggle time, and SHOP THERAPY!

So this one time I opened up my inventory, and decided that today would be the day that I clean out my SLurls. Oh damn, big mistake. After going through about 50 of them, I realized that most the stores had moved, not changed, not released anything new. Then I decided, lets go visit places I haven't been in a long while. Oy, no such luck. I couldn't find a damn thing.

So I TP over to Blacklace cause sexy lingerie ALWAYS makes me happy, and OMG SHOP*GASM! They have 3 new releases (well one is actually a re-worked piece but..) so I quickly note that I have seen everyone and their sister blogging about the one set, so I quickly purchased the other set *grins* yes I R Smart!

Blacklace: Miguelina $398L

Blacklace: Miguelina

A stunning, vivid, and bright lingerie set. Corseted top with matching panties, gloves and stockings. Coming in 8 AMAZING colours. I chose the Teal set, because I know it would play off with my red locks. Boy was I glad I was right. I have to admit, I am a Blacklace JUNKIE, but with good reason. Each item comes with a variety of layers depending on what you want to wear, and wear it with, and the price is unbeatable for the quality of work you are getting in your clothing purchase. To be honest, they really could get away with charging more for their product it is THAT amazing. Either way though, Blacklace passes the quality & dollar value every time.

Enjoy making your partner drool with this DIVINE piece of lingerie!

Get it here [SLurl] -- And don't forget to join their group & subscribo for news and gifties :)


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