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Okay, so after a few days of tying my hands, literally, from shopping... I decided to use this nifty little gift card I won at a Dahlinks Sponsored event to purchase the Dahlinks Celestial Necklace, and of course what's a necklace without a really hot dress to show it off in! Which brings us to the other store of addiction, Phoenix Rising. Oh muh gawd I love these two designers. I think if they ever collaborated I'd be in for a serious dent in my virtual wallet.

So, without further delay and endless ranting about... ooo butter cookies.. *ahem*... about uhh what was I saying... Oh right! Without further delay... wow did you see that?! No really, it just darted across my screen... oh.. never mind... stupid fly... dang I did it again... okay, for real this time, without further delay I give you one of Dahlinks latest, The Celestial Necklace, could it possibly have a more magnifique name?! I mean, look at that thing! There's a ton of gems! And it's scripted so you can change the color of the gems to suit your needs!! It's glitter without the bling in typical Dahlinks séduction!

With the bling I needed fabric of course, I mean, not that my partner would object to me running around in nothin' but the pixels I've purchased - So I decided to go back to my latest obsession, Phoenix Rising and I TP'd out with a gown called Edo's Onjah in Pink wild. It's AWESOME, comes in an A-Line and full skirt option, There's a solid color panel bodice, or the zebra stripe in multiple colors. The dress is FANTASTIC! I can't rave enough about the quality you find at Phoenix Rising. Check it out for yourself!!!

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