A rediscovery of awesome + Good Cust. Service = EPIC WIN

So remember that time that we told you there was a third who will someday be able to keep up with her two shopping a.d.d. ridden cohorts?  Yeah...that's me ... and no...my computer is still not up to snuff *tear*.  But...that doesn't prevents the shopping!! NAY!

So back to the point.  I was running behind..around...whaaaaaaaaatever my two sisters and we landed at a place I had been to before but completely forgot about: Sweetest Goodbye.  To say the store has changed would be an understatement!  I saw stuff I don't remember seeing before and thudded (again with the thudding!).  So in my dire need to not succumb to the school uniform my dynamic duo of sisterdom has...I opted for something a bit different...the Desire sweater (see below)

Now...be warned: This sweater ... alll primwork.  But it's GOOD primwork. You may have to move the top down just a smidgen in order to cover your left nipple, but other than that...rock the primwork!!

So as I started drooling in the store...I immediately began thinking ... what can I put with this wonderful thing to make an outfit.  Add a mini from Luck, Inc, Bax Boots and all that was missing...the HAIR. Enter Deviant Kitties & their wonderful proprietor Halyanwe Vindaloo.  I went, picked out several demos and ended up in lurve with the Archie: a scripted color-change hair that's up on her new releases wall.  And when I say I had trouble...I had TROUBLE getting the hud to work.  So...I im'd her. Figured, 'what the hey? Worse comes to worst...I get no help'.  Not only was Halyanwe online, she was uber helpful; walking me through the demo hair & hud, before and after purchase (as there were some startup issues with both). And ultimately when the product refused to work for me...she sent me the version she was using to walk me through and VOILA! new hair that worked ^.^!! Note to customers:  EVERY shop owner could take a lesson from Miss Vindaloo. She was courteous, patient and most important...HELPFUL. Thank you Halyanwe...you made my night!!  Between items already in inventory, a quick stop at Bax and the awesome that is Halyanwe's customer service...the outfit just...fell together!  Enjoy kids!

Hair: Archie - Deviant Kitties
Earrings: Hoops - Dahlinks
Sweater: Desire 'Wheat' - Sweetest Goodbye
Wrist Cuffs: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs - Wicked Gear
Belly Jewel: Tribal Belly Ring - Xcite
Skirt: mini plain denim skirt - Luck, Inc.
Boots:  Bax Ankle Boots in Brown - Bax Boots
Poses: Serenade and others


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