Howdy From Shop*gasm!!

Haiiii....and welcome to the Shop*gasm Blog!!! What is a shopgasm you ask? Well let us break it down for you: a "gasm" is the inexplicable and often uncontrollable moan, gasp or breath that escapes your lips when something you see, sense, touch or taste wows you so much, it comes out on its own and your toesies may or may not wiggle. Now...apply that to shopping. You know that high-pitched squeal that your friends make when you're on voice and they JUST saw this outfit they HAD to have, or that poseball or table or...well you get my point. THAT, my friends is a SHOPgasm. And shopgasms are the nahm. That's really all there is to it! Now...let me introduce our main contributers!!

Haiiiiii from Rose (she's the one in the middle)... I was asked to write an introduction about myself, something to let you all in on who I am and what I'm about. Here's the short version: what you see is what you get. I have very little time to try and sugar-coat things; I'm honest to a fault. I love my friends and will do anything for them...including writing this blog. I'm not really good with words so, we'll see how long it takes before Kilo says "Umm Rose, maybe you shouldn't be doing this."

Anyway, I owned a bridal shop IRL and have a bit of knowledge about the wedding industry so my forte is mostly formals and bridals. I love fashion! It might not seem that way but, quite honestly I look at the unique designs people come up with and think "WOW that's so cool!" Of course there are those I look at and go "OMG BURN IT" but hey ... not everyone is going to have great works of art all the time!

Hello from SuiteLady (pretty lady on the right)...


So this is great, getting to blog with my fellow shop*gasmers, I am so excited at this new venture, so much so -- "It makes me happy in da pants". Yes, I am a tad insane but you will come to realize that each of us brings our own kinda crazy to the table :)

Let me introduce myself. My name is Suite (pronounced Sweet). I'm a happy-go-lucky Canadian girl who LOVES to shop. I am a self proclaimed shop-a-holic, however I am picky. You can expect to see value shopping from great quality items for a low linden cost to help you increase your sexy wardrobe! I won't pay top dollar for something unless its absolutely necessary!

Ciao from Kilo (lady on da left)...

Hey all!! I'm Kilolo (pronounced KEY-LOW-LOW - but please just call me Kilo) and well...I like to blog, shop, dj and of course find wonderful things to do with my two besties and sisters, Rose and Suite. And that's how this brainchild started. I couldn't be more honored than to have these two ladies writing on this venture with me.

Will what we have to say be engaging? Hopefully. Will it be funny? We'll try!! Will it have absolutely no value if it goes unread? CERTAINLY. Will it piss some designers and store owners off? What doesn't??

We're just starting this blog thing, but we are more than ready to tackle it head-on!! We will do our best to not only bring you the yays of content creation, but the honest truth as well so that you too can survive the shopping madness that has become Second Life commerce.

So hello from us all...enjoy and bring a change of shorts...this could get messy ;)



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Shop*gasm is a creation from the twisted warped mind of at least 2 people with shopping a.d.d. and the mind of one person who loves to tag along and will one day have a computer fast enough to keep up.

Kilolo Jenkins
Roselynn Darkstone
Suitelady DeCuir

This blog is a project that was birthed out of three sisters and friends wanting to do something together that we could all enjoy and share.

The contributors of Shop*gasm are consumers. We like to shop. Correction...we LOVE to shop. For the most part, we blog our purchases. Maybe not every single one, but definitely something we find noteworthy.

On the off chance we're given items for review, we're thankful. But like other blog sites, we can not guarantee that your item will be blogged, nor will we guarantee that our review of items are always going to be favorable. What we will guarantee is an open and honest blog for you to read, with just enough moxie and personality to make you either hate it or love it. LOL

Hopefully you'll find the blog just as fun and awesome as we have in creating it :)