Feeling Feline *Grins*

So there I was, or shall I say, here I still am. Saturday morning and I am up at the ass crack of dawn -- albeit the sun was not yet up and the clock was approaching about 6:45am. My kitten (well not really a kitten she's about 4) decides that it's time to play. How NOT impressed am I at that moment. However, with every negative there is a positive right!?! Which means.....

Fashionistas I bring you the kitty!

Toxic Kitty has long been one of my favorite Sexy Urban Neko stores in SL. I happened upon it a few months ago just by accident really. The store is relatively large, but easy to navigate. The colours are bright yet not blinding. If you are in search for something specific, you WILL be able to find it.

When you TP into the mainstore you will come upon a staircase. Along the left is where you can find various freebies and dollarbies (one of which is this cute cute outfit).

#1 Rockadolla Outfit $1L
This outfit consists of a jacket and pant layer along with a prim skirt attachment. I did not wear the skirt because quite honestly it looks like I was growing tubes from my belly. So not sexy tubes=fail.

But worn just the tank and the tights the outfit turns out to be quite hot.

Additional Items: BAX Prestige boots. Dahlinks Stacked Silver Bracelets with heart lock and Bali braid & The Initial Necklace in "S"

So while I was checking out the dollarbies, freebies, Lucky Chairs and new items I happened upon the CUTEST winter outfit, which has decidedly made me want to rock it for the rest of the day and be Neko all weekend! I love being Neko, but I have to be in that mind-frame to do it. This outfit definitely helped with that!

#2 Starfall $500L

This has to be by far the cutest winter Neko outfit I have seen since coming back in world last year. I LOVE the fur accents on the right places. The colour is amazing and not so damn bright as is the problem with most Neko gear. The skirt is cute, and not tubey, and passes the dance test! The arm-warmers are amazing as are the boots which house a resizing script. All around I am completely enamored by this outfit. Even the tail is cute but will need to be repositioned on your body. This outfit is FULL of win and a must have for every Neko who is stelling in and getting ready for yet another cold winter. Good thing we can always cuddle up to keep warm *winks*

SLUrls: [toxic kitty mainstore] [BAX Boots] [Dahlinks]


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