*EC* Evies Closet SHOPGASM

For those of you not following this blog like cultists to a sacrificial lamb, I'll just mention you should read the very first introductory post before you read this particular blog post.

I am in LOVE with Evies Closet. I've shopped Evies since it was a MUCH smaller store in a sky box with only a handful of dresses. My very first major clothing purchase was in fact a dress from Evies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Evies Closet. Fairytale gowngasm!

Anyway, I decided to stop in there today to see what's new when I came face to face with "The Fable Gown". *thuds* Yep. Remember when I said I was in love?! The reason is this... Evies Closet has imaginative designs that you don't find anywhere else in SL. The gowns are FANTASTIC, the textures are beautiful and bold. I honestly couldn't say enough good things about Evies Closet. I would totally hump Evangeline's leg mid shopgasm. No. Seriously.

Here's a SLURL so that you too may shopgasm over the joys of dress shopping at Evies.

*Can you count how many times I shamelessly plugged the blog name in this post?*


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