The Plastik & Windlight…

This morning I was on a mission.  A mission to bring you something completely different in a great big epic post, and then SL went and took a dump.  I was over at Plastik trying to get all my parts in order when after my last purchase I got booted, not only did I pay for the item, it never showed up in my inventory, sooooo we will do this in 2 parts my friends *smiles*  Fear not!  There is much creativity abound.

As I was saying, I was over at Plastik, yes, I am addicted.  I have been a loyal shopper of theirs for at least 2 years, and I have about *goes to count*about 40 outfits and 2 skins (one of which was my failed purchase this morning).  I LOVE this store, like I don’t just love the clothes, I love the build, I love the skins, I LOVE the fact that it’s so unique, and more stores/creators should explore their creativity the way Aikea Rieko does.  She is truly amazing, with an imagination and creativity to keep it going for this long.

*disclaimer*  No I am not ego boosting, I do love this store, and will give credit where credit is legitimately due.  See below……

So I have this idea this morning as I am waiting to go to my SL job.  I have been really intrigued by the new skins at Plastik, and decided to go and choose 2 and blog them.  Initially this was supposed to be a combined post, however maybe it’s best that it is not.

When I landed at the store there was a HUGE display of goodies just in time for Valentine’s day INCLUDING some Valentine skins!   I quickly scooped up all the demos and tried them on, finally settling on :[P]:-Valentine's 2011Skin-Camellia.  When I got it I was surprised even more to see that the elven ears were included.  I don’t know about you guys, but nothing is worse than getting a themed skin and having to re-colour the parts yourself, you never get it right.  Well here is your solution, it’s ALREADY DONE for you!  Once I put it on, I knew exactly what to pair it with.

Blacklace came out with an amazing angel costume that I blogged over Halloween, I just adore the workmanship that went into this peice, so what better way to showcase them both then put them together.

The skin from Plastik looks OMG AMAZING in windlight!  I have recently been messing around with the filters doing photography and this skin and the lighting almost made me fall out of my chair, I seriously almost jizzed.  Putting it with the ensemble from Blacklace was PERFECT!  Adding to it Bax Prestige boots in white, and a little Rozoregalia, and hair from Magika and the look is complete.  Above is a fun shot, but this photo below, seriously took my breath away, and to quote my sister Rose: “wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow” as you will see for yourself…

Let’s just say, I hope hope hope I get redelivery of the second skin I purchased so I can make part two equally as amazing as this post.  GREAT JOB PLASTIK!  I have always been and will forever be a fan.  Kudos for keeping SL fresh and unique with your own amazingness!

What You Really Wanna Know:
Outfit – Blacklace – Angel: White Satin Corset Set (L.E) [SLurl]
Skin – Plastik - Valentine's 2011Skin-Camellia [SLurl]
Necklace/Nails – +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*NECKLACE1 Ver1.1 BOX[SLurl]
Hair – Magika Discount Fatpack – HoH [SLurl]
Boots – Prestige Boots White Leather [SLurl]


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