Puttin’ A New Flava In Your Ear…

So remember this one time that I was telling you all about how I generally find it extremely hard to find GOOD QUALITY urban wear on the grid?  We’ll if I didn’t – I just did *laughs*.  Any who…  To get on to my quest.  I have been CRAVING some really great hip hop clothing for a long time now, tired of wearing the same 6-7 outfits that I have managed to put together myself from pieces of a lot of different makers and styles to make it my own.  Today – I’m lazy!

Last night at my other love on the grid – being a hostess for a dance club, I noticed a few of our patrons coming in with these really stellar urban clothes.  I tell no lies when I say, I was in my sisters ear saying – Kilo OMG we have to go check this store out when I am done here, ok ok ok ok! – Yeah, I am a bit hyper, but what can ya do :p
After checking out a couple things (read: MAJOR profile perving – Yes I am one of “those” people), I find out that C. Morane is NOW Delirium!  I made note of the location and tucked it away safely in my landmarks folder.  Now I would have done this post last night but I was so tired, so you get it today….

There are a few things that I like about the store on a whole.  First of all, the awesome folks at Delirium have a box just outside the female part of the store that is FREE.  This contains the holy grail of most creator’s creations – THE HAIR!  Yes my darlings, in this tiny little FREE box contains ALL the landmarks to the places where the hair has be purchased to complete certain looks.  You will see upon entering the store that each vendor picture clearly notes – Hair From blah blah blah, so then you can refer to the lil box for the LM’s and you are set.  I didn’t see if they listed the actual styles on the vendor cards, but at least it points you in the right direction.
Oh lord, this post is turning into epic-ness of mass proportions.  However, I digress.  Delirium – Splash! is a wonderfully crafted AFFORDABLE ($350L) FULL outfit.  What do you get?  Well….  You get pants, with all the baggy attachments, you get the hoodie, you get the bra top, you get the SHOES, and the sleeves too.  Fully complete.  Wear with or without the hoodie, its up to you, either way it’s hella cute and I love it.  Delirium is my official first place to go if I am in the mood for Urban wear!
Now for the goodies:

Item Details:
Hair – X*Plosion "Kira" $360L
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Xplosion/128/129/43

Outfit – Delirium - Splash $350L
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nightscape/125/165/22
Necklace – Dahlinks – Have A Heart Pendant  $250L
>> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Xplosion/128/129/43
*As always I do not reveal the locations or creators of my skins, eyes, or shape as to remain UNIQUE on this great wide grid we call SL.


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