The NEW Face of RP ... ?

Imagine yourself in a rainforest. Lush greens, blues, the call of nature behind you, soaring through the air on some of the most mystical creatures you've ever seen.  You turn and spy something, but you're not sure what it is... But you hear choppers whirring, machine guns rattling and quiet... Something jumps out and startles you and you're not sure what you've seen! Now tell do you see yourself? Are you one who explores or are you an indigenous creature of the land you picture...could you possibly look like this?

Presenting the Nav'itar from De La Fae Productions!!

If this face is looking incredibly familiar...then you've guessed it. The Nav'itar is a replica of the newest action movie "Avatar" scheduled out this month in theaters nationwide!!  LeRochelle, head of De La Fae Productions, a store dedicated to bringing you some of THE BEST Anthro avatars I have ever seen (trust me...if you saw my collection, you'd understand why I work so's to buy her avatars!!), has released this homage to James Cameron's newest theatrical creation.

The Nav'itar is a bioluminescent (say THAT ten times fast :P) race of avatar that is simply stunning. The skin has an amazing amount of detail: from the earrings to the white flecks that cover the body so that when the lighting hits it JUST's amazing.  And it's not just a highlight here or there...this is full body coverage, including the shading on the tail.

Coming as a total package (L$2700 - I know I know...but you get the TOTAL package) of: skin, shape, hair, eyes, silks (not pictured), choice of accented or unaccented tail and accents for both legs and hair, you are sure to get your money's worth. Or you can buy just the base avatar (I think it was L$2000 even), with the hair & headdress (shown to left) coming in separately at L$250 and the clothing at L$450.

Now...instead of using the default shape (the shape was a little too tall and thin for me) and eyes (the yellow eyes were a bit much for me when I tried them on),  I used my regular shape (a custom I've had since I first got to SL) and my older eyes to help bring this avatar to life in a different way. I did buy the hair because well...lookit the headdress (points up)!!

I did however decide to use my own hair and silks to make a look all my own.and hopefully, I did ok! I don't know if there's an RP sim here yet for this splended adventure, but I am pretty sure that if/WHEN it arrives...I'll be ready to do battle!!  So head on down to De La Fae and get ready for your chance to defend your people in what I predict will be the most epic of RP sims to EVER hit SL (if it ever arrives *winks*).

Zee look:

Avatar & Headdress: Nav'itar Female - De La Fae Productions
Hair: Katie in White - Deviant Kitties
Silks: Shalenas Special White Edition - Solange
Cuffs: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs - Wicked Gear
Ring: Spin Ring (Diamond) - Dahlinks
Eyes: Custom One-of-a-kind Purple from G9 Designs
Poses: Long Awkward Pose


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