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Alright, so I haven't posted a blog in what.. 9 days? Yeah I've been slacking, so I figured I'd blog the one thing that all three of us LOVED. I found the outfit at *League*, it really is an awesome ensemble and with so many options to choose from you can make it your own. I chose Pink and Brown... why? Well largely because I was feeling a little unlike myself at the time, and secondly, I own a very small amount of pink clothes... I know what you're thinking... surely Rose, you must own at least ONE pink item. So, in an effort to prove that I in fact do not own that much pink, I searched Pink. In total there are 4 items besides this new *League* Ensemble. Two of those, BTW are hair.. anyway.. that deviation aside... lets get back to the items at hand... I took some in world shots at my new winter wonderland igloo.. I'd say it's hawt but, quite frankly it's chilly. So, no fancy photo shop work.. just the raw uncut in world images this time. Hope you like that... BTW... beware the penguins...

First on the agenda, The outfit I put together at *League* - It is comprised of the soft pink Grandad vest in soft pink, thermal skirt in brown, thermal sock set in soft pink, and grandad braces(suspenders) in brown . All of which are purchased separately, but the display is really convenient to use. It's all centrally located so that you can make your own color combinations, and there are alot of options!

Next up - The *Argrace* Knit cap - Girly wave. It's got a color change HUD that features colors like light grey, shell pink (shown), white, black, beige, and wine. I like it because there are a few flexi pieces in the hair, and well, it's just a really nicely put together piece of topping. :)

And finally, the boots. These were found, with much poking and prodding by my very insistent sister... I'll let you guess which one... *laughs* they're awesome, and so well made. I absolutely love them. I had been looking for a pair but was greatly disappointed by alot of them.. so I give you the *kookie* pomski boots - light kelp. The single boot purchase came with multiple fur color options. I love them. I love the options. It's perfect, and no color change HUD to mess with.

So, happy shopping folks, and in case I go on another hiatus before the new year... Have a Blessed New Year. Me and my two friends in Tuxedo's are gonna go dancing'!!!
~Also shown~
Bracers - They stab things. And I'm not revealing my signature wardrobe item :P although I may have in past posts...
Dahlinks - Custom Twin Dog Tags, and the Large Celtic Knot Hoop Earrings, Monroe Piercing w/ Lip ring.
Tats - Also mine. Yeah, I'm being selfish but I really like this one :P


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