3 things blogger challenge

After reading Suite's post, I sat back and for a brief, very brief moment, thought about what three items I, the ever impressive Roselynn Darkstone, would be lost without... and then the moment passed, I burped, and moved on...

Now after reading my other nutty sisters post, I feel compelled to list my own three items. Honestly, it took me a little bit to figure this out, I'm actually sitting here questioning my answers. The first two were obvious. Why? Because the first two are in every single photo you will ever see of Roselynn Darkstone. Well, almost every single photo... dammit don't nitpick I'll get there!!!

~The list~

1. My Assassin Bracers.
2. My Max Eyez Bi-Colour Neko eyes
3. Tiny Penguin AVI

Now, there are other items in my inventory that I would be lost without, however, these three things, without them, I would honestly feel naked.

The bracers I have been wearing for a VERY long time now. Yep, I wear them with formals and casual clothes. They're not a fashion statement, they're an extension of Roses arms. No really, beneath those gloves, alot of people, my sisters included aren't even sure Rose HAS arms.

My Bi-Color eyez? well, they're uniquely mine. I had them custom made, and lets face facts... they add that simple air of crazy that only I can attain.

And finally - The Tiny Penguin AVI - As I can only list three, I can't include the hair that I always wear with it in order to encompass my alternate personality "RastaGuin"... However, I couldn't be without this Avi. I go into this cute little form (note the assissin bracers are still there) and usually only when I'm feeling a bit... crazier than usual. So if you see this little 'guin waddling you way... just be prepared for a whole lot of laughter...

So there it is... The three items that Roselynn Darkstone just wouldn't be Roselynn Darkstone without. I'll reiterate the challenge to you....Go ahead and think about what three things in your inventory you just couldn't be without... and feel free to comment :)

Much Love folks -



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