3 Little Things...

When my sister told me about the "3 Little Things Blogger Challenge", I almost immediately said, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? O.O"

As I was getting ready for work, it hit me very quickly that I already had my answer!  So in trying to nail a shot of at least one of my items, I was talking to a good friend trying to figure out the best way to nail it.  Yeah...that didn't work out. LOL  Anyway...after several excruciating attempts at shooting and trying to do my photoshop shot myself (yay me!)  I finally came up with not only a semi-decent shot (forgive any rough edges...I have a crappy graphics card and am still learning :P), here are my three things...all in one place. XD

(click picture to enlarge)

1.  My Bunny Slippers:  A long, long time ago a good friend gave me these bunny slippers.  The cutest little things on earth really. They blink and change color.  I know you're probably sitting there thinking, "bunny slippers, Kilo?  REALLY?"  But yah...bunny slippers.  They're important! And not just for the sentimental value.  I wear these when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm devastated, when shopping (ooooh yeah when shopping) and most important...when I'm rockin' a gorgeous formal dress!!  I know that sounds nutteh...but nothing sets off the ultimate formal gown like these bad ass color changing Bunny Slippers!! So thank you to the person who gave them to me...life changes, but these...I've come to own and not do without.  *feeeaaar the bunny wrath...suckas!!!*

2. My !WG! O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs:  Now...these are a new addition to my inventory; but doesn't make them any less valuable.  I started wearing them as part of a self-discovery project I was working on and found that I simply can not do without these things.  I still remember the first day I saw them. I urfed the display...a few times *big cheeky smile* Worn strictly for style purposes, I picked these from the myriad cuffs on the wall because 1 - I like locks and 2 - they're HOT!!  I later found out they were originally named after a really good friend of mine, but were changed to O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs...so technically...dude ya cuffed me! BWAHAHAHAHAAHA  Anyway...often times I feel a bit naked without them on.  And while I have hoards of other bracelets and jewels that cover my wrists...these somehow landed in my default folder so I can bring them back to me...like finding my way home.  And last but not least...

3. My Neo Stream HUD:  For those who didn't know, I am a DJ.  And I have been one since May 2008.  I have been abundantly blessed with several opportunities in that time and the one that hasn't changed, no matter the job is 1 - my stream address (http://white.neostrems.info:11290 - for those who ever wanna listen in) and 2 - my stream provider, Neo Streams.  Other people have told me other streams are better, but the amount of customer service and tech support that I get from these fine folks has been so invaluable that regardless of price I dare not go anywhere else. The added bonus?  I managed to win their 2009 Summer DJ Battle so I got a free stream upgraded for a year (yaaaaaaaaaaay).  So watch out SL...I'm somewhere on the grid causing shenanigans with a stream, music and a nutty disposition...Welcome to the Nuthouse.

Now I pass the baton to you fine shop*gasm readers: What 3 things from your inventory can you simply not do without?  Feel free to leave a response in comments, or hit me up inworld!! Can't wait to hear from ya ;)

Le look:

Hair - Sarana in Traecle - Truth Hair
Skin/Eyes/Shape - nope/nuh uh/no way dude!
Shirt - I'm Not Short - T Junction
Jeans - Missing Hearts in Dark Blue - Potassium (no longer in business)
Shoes - NC Color Changing Bunny Slippers ... were a gift, but can be found @ Nico Creations!
Necklace - Love Potion No. 9 - Dahlinks
Cuffs - O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs - Wicked Gear
Box - My NEO STREAM HUD!! WOOT!! - Neo Streams
Pose - Long Awkward Pose

In case I don't see y'all...happy new year!!


Mrs. Clip December 30, 2009 at 1:20 AM  

ONLY for you Miss Jenkins would I subject mahself to blogging...lol

1. Tis mah wedding ring.. Not only cause its obviously a symbol of my marriage and the man i'm head over heels in love with, but c'mon it blings! and it has a huuuuge diamond and diamonds my friends, are indeed a girls best friend.

2. My engagment ring... Okay it may sound hokey but my husband? Has EXCELLENT taste. He picked out this gorgeous rock for me cause it incorporates an antique setting entwined with vines and roses (my favorite flower) and its just gorgeous.

3. My collar. Yush, I have my moments of submission lol. But honestly, it to me is a very large sign of the trust and honesty that is in my marriage. And frankly, its a fun lil piece to wear. Combine it with the cuffs and i'll be entertained for hours :p

Mr. Clip December 30, 2009 at 1:31 AM  

1. My Master Coat outfit from Graves - Cause it SO turns my wife on...
2. My JCNY Wedding ring - Cause it is a symbol of my wife's love for me and my love for her
3. My Texture Organizer - cause the best build looks like crap with out good textures

Tucks December 30, 2009 at 4:52 PM  

Well 3 little things.. it's oh so easy!,, I've been reading the other entries and it's clear that they are anything but small.
So pop pickers, here is my top three.

1. Miss Perv's dog tags, I wear them all the time, these are a symbol of what we have and what I am to her. I wont say whats on them, but if you ask nicely, I will share it with you....

2. Next on my list is my Friends list. its taken a year to build up, some friends I dont talk too on a regular basis, if I did, it would be like painting the Severn Bridge,, Once you get to the end, you would have to start at the beginning. To loose the list would be classed as a catastrophic failure....

3. This was a tough one to choose, but in the end its came to this. My Landmark list. Used when I'm bored an just want to go 'cruising' its developed over my life in SL and is irreplaceable, I could start again, but it wouldn't be the same.

v3 Tattoo, Khurt Vhargon December 30, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

First I can't believe Kilo has me posting on her blog, I barely post on MINE.

My three things.

1 My bracelets. (the stacked bracelets from Wicked Gear)I am not sure they have been off more than 3 or 4 times since I got them.

2. My glasses. Royal Optic I believe. I don't leave home without them.

3. My custom Tattoo, It is one of mine, with a message near and dear to me.

Anonymous December 30, 2009 at 7:44 PM  

This was a very simple thing to figure out didn't take me but a moment to figure out....
1) My wedding ring, a symbol of some one that i care for very deeply
2) My "Happiness" necklace
3) my firefighter arm bands that remind me daily of what i have lived thru in RL

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