Lovesick...A Twofer of sorts!

Usually, I hate anything to do with the term "Lovesick...".  It denotes a sickness from something that is supposed to be amazing; well if you take it literally that is.  So when I saw the name of this new gown from Vassnia, I was a bit skeptical to actually have a look at it.  What I saw when I opened the NC however made me have a whole new appreciation for the term that attracts so much attention.  Presenting Vassnia's "Lovesick Darkness"

Photography by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography

When I saw the top of the outfit, my eye immediately focused on the bust line. It's simple and delicate, but very alluring.  The sheer fabric pulls the eye to it immediately and the half key-hole at the top makes you want to slip things inside just to dive in and dig them out (LMAO). When I saw the top I actually didn't think I could pull the look off since I don't have a cleavage enhanced skin (and no way do I want one LOL).

I love the layering of the lace and how it fits to the leg, but couldn't figure out the best way to pose in this gown as the skirt prim piece isn't really conducive to AO's let alone fidgety ones.  The skirt prim tends to lean to the side on the right leg when one moves or dances.  So this is definitely not a go bungy jumping on a date and break dance sort of skirt.

That being said, I really do love the look. And the minute I slipped it on I knew this dress was meant for me.  It hugs the body, creates a line of vision that shows off all of your assets while keeping you covered and has jut enough tulle on the skirt to make people stare as you saunter by.
Photography by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography
Now back to this leg...a funny accident occurred while shooting.  As I was flipped and turned by my trusted photographer and friend, I noticed that the outfit actually looks good without the skirt prim! It makes for a bit of a haute couture feel pantsuit and yes, my makes you want to STRUT.  The only thing you need to look out for is the body suit. If you look closely at the pelvic area, the part that covers your treasured area is part of the skirt prim. So when you take it off and rock it as a pantsuit, please put on a thong or all of your cash and prizes (Dane Cook reference like woaaaaaaaah!) will be revealed! O.O

Photography by Sin Lorefield for Pixel Perfect Photography
After adding a few gems from Earthstone and putting my hair up, I walked away with a new outfit I enjoy, and a fabulously elegant shot by a great photog.  I clean up pretty good, no? :P

Toodles gang! ♥ Kilo

The Deets:

*Outfit: .::Vassnia::. Lovesick Darkness (includes shoes - though not shown)
Jewels: EarthStones Romance Set - Classic White Pearl/White Gold; Blacklace Charm Bracelet; RH Engel - My Heart is Yours ID Bracelet - Platinum - Hers
Hair: Updo -  Truth Hair - Orchid Plain - night
        Short Bob - Magika - Robin (discontinued)

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