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Well hello again fellow bloggers, readers, and fasionistas!  I know 3 posts in a row, what the heck am I on right?  Seriously though, I know my blogging was seriously lacking in 2010, but I am turning a new leaf on many aspects of my SL and my RL, and well this is one of them.  I am aiming to blog at least 2 times a week this year to make up for lost time, and to not limit it to just fashion.  Fashion is always at the base of course, but there are so many other things that enrich our SL lives that we can incorporate them all together.  I always enjoyed to blog, but have not had any inspiration as of late, however this morning I did!  *Thank you by the way*.   

Today I bring you the newest release from Connors!  It is a cute sheer top that has a low dip in the back and open sides on the sleeves.  It comes in 4 patterns/colours, which are amazing, and at $150L a piece they are also quite affordable.  I went for the red leopard, and the green camo.  I REALLY like this top, so much in fact that I had to blog its awesomeness.  You can wear it with or without the bra underneath (which is included). 

The ONLY fail I have to comment on is the fact the bra layer is only on the undershirt layer.  This meant I had to do some rearranging of my tattoos to complete my look.  This item would be better suited if the bra was made on all layers.  But to each their own, the tops – still ROCKS.  They are cute as hell and I think you need to go check it out and get one for yourself, hell, get them all they are well within the affordable range for those of us who are frugal when it comes to our well earned lindens.

Suite is wearing:

Connors: New Sheer Top, Rozoregalia: Gazellver Necklace, SOREAL: CityStep Sneaks, LINC: Low Cut Jeans.  Hair from Truth, and everything else remains unsaid *winks*


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