Fashionably Bald (blogger's challenge)

For Miss Shellbee...

bald is beautiful
quote is from "I Am Not My Hair" by India.Arie (see video below)

A RL moment leading to SL expressionism: When I was little, I wanted nothing more than to sport a ginormous afro.  For a long time I rocked the afro puffs; at least til I was about seven years old.  That summer, while I was visiting family in my mamma's hometown, my aunts took a really poorly made straightening comb to my hair, because they didn't know what to do with my "naps." I was tender-headed and my wincing and crying over the pain from when they tried to comb through my thick, tightly curled mane was simply too much for them to bear. Enter phase one of the evolution of my hair.  When I returned home that summer, my mother was furious.  She couldn't believe I would LET them touch my hair (dude...I was seven for Pete's sake! You listen to your elders then...duuuuuuuuuuh!) and ruin its natural courseness with a straightening comb. Moving on, since then, I have rocked braids, then relaxers with long hair and eventually just kept it pulled back. I remember going to my mom one day and telling her I wanted to cut it all off. I wanted it as close to the skin as possible; I intended to go natural.  She refused.  I told her to help me or I'd do it myself.  So in her attempt at "controlled" assistance, she cut my hair down to a mushroom cut (ew).

A few days later, she landed in the hospital with complications from an operation from long before. While she was gone...first thing I did was run to the barber shop and chopped every lick of my hair off.  When she saw me, she snorted and simply replied, "I knew you were gonna do that...just couldn't wait til I was in here, huh?"  I nodded happily and stuck out my tongue; she laughed. Since then, I have only gone back to relaxed hair maybe once or twice. Otherwise...I wear what I have now: my natural afrolicious afro (or a short baby afro depending upon I cut it). My mom STILL gives me crap about it LOL.

I've always wondered what I'd look like with just a plain old to-the-skin bald look; but lacked the bravery to try it. Insert Second Life.  For the longest time, even in here I couldn't find a good way to express that desire to rock a baldy.  Every time I tried, someone would tell me it didn't look right. So I never did it. Then skins with hairbases came out. I was elated beyond belief.  I found a skin that let me rock a really short do without having to buy any more hair (Yay me (though I do still buy hair and wear it regularly :P)!).

Then late last night, I read Fashionable Bald (blogger's challenge) from the feeds, which led me to the article on Coffee Smoke.  Those two posts rejuvenated my desire to strip down the dome and rock a baldy and knowing someone out there may be going through this made me proud to do so. Sporting a bald head is just as fashionable as rocking a fly boa around the neck, wearing a cap to cover up, pasting a bow on it (yes, I have seen this IRL) or even...rocking a wig like we often do by wearing hair inworld ;) I chose to leave my dome bare because simply put: beautiful.  It brings out so many other features on one's face that you can't help but look someone in the eye when they have no hair to focus on. 

To Miss Shellbee: you are a brave woman.  Your journey will be something and a half and I don't envy your position. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you go on this journey and I'm glad someone gave me a snapshot of you in so few lines.  Your friend's love for you and support of you is awe-inspiring.

As I created my picture to show my support, I was reminded of India.Arie's "I Am Not My Hair". There is a section where she speaks of a woman going through chemotherapy and later being on television, eyes sparkling, bald as the full moon shining.  That image...has always made me smile.  So today's blog and the song are dedicated to you, Miss Shellbee, for you will always be beautiful.

Miss K

"I Am Not My Hair" by India.Arie
(double click video to see outside of post)

zee fashions:

top in background: from the white camisk/dress: [Arachne] Modesty - White
top in standing pose: *Urbanista* Thalia Dress - white
jeans: *Urbanista* *Real Ripped Jeans" black
boots: !Drakke! "Restraint RLV" Ankle Boots(White)
jewelry: Mariposa: Simplicity: White Pearl set by Felicity Winslet (store is closed)
makeup:  .:Glamorize:. Crystal Kiss Lips - Cabernet Merlot
the rest: yeah, no...sorry (well...not really lol) :P

poses used:
glitterati - into the black (prop) & breast cancer awareness poses


Miss ShellBee January 8, 2011 at 4:11 PM  

I'm so touched by your words of encouragement and care. Thank you so much! Yes, I have amazing friendship in Sylvia and Marls and consider myself so lucky in that respect as well as seeing this challenge reach so many people and read the different stories and reasons this it is meaningful to them. Thank you so much for participating and for your thoughtfulness.

Kilolo Jenkins January 10, 2011 at 6:39 AM  

Oh thank you, Miss Shellbee! It was an honor to participate. You've actually inspired me to do a series on bald. I don't even know how I'm going to pull it off lol. I'm the noob of me and my family and crew when it comes to photogging and photoshop, but feel free to shoot take a look at my flickr if you ever want to see what I come up with :)

Many hugs!

super smokeshop June 27, 2013 at 8:52 AM  

Nice..........Zippo Lighters

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