If I Were a SLebrity...

When this yummy little number appeared in my inventory a few days ago, I knew I had to come up with something a lil bit different.

Meet Phyllis ii, !Stare!'s newest shape in owner Talah Magic's ever expanding store. Clocking in at a startling 6'1" without shoes, Phyllis ii, to date is the tallest AV coming out of the !Stare! camp.

As I tried on different skins with this new shape, I found that in face, Phyllis is a cross between Janet Jackson (before she lost her baby fat) and surprisingly, Kim Kardashian.  And not in that "oh man...who messed up the face on the shape" sort of way.  Phyllis is just one of those unforgettable faces that will have you wishing you too had that SLebrity star quality that shines through in this exquisite shape.  Long legs, nice lil plump bottom without it rezzing all over your screen, curves in all the right places...who wouldn't wanna be Miss Kardashian for a day (save that infamous RayJ video that is)?

So I happily put on one of the newest skins from Ooh-la-licious and voila...we got a gorgeous SLebrity look-a-like in the making :)  This skin is lovely.  The gloss on the lips plumps them to the point where I (and this may be a TMI moment) almost kissed the screen. They ooze that "come and get me" vibe when you zoom in.  The beauty mark just sets the mouth off perfectly.  The honey shading on the skin gives it an extremely touchable look to it and simply begging to be gazed upon.  Again...simply put: stunning!

So after getting my SLebrity ready for her debut from her beach house, I slipped her into Zaara's Acira minidress in silver. Now...I know what you're thinking: Kilo...all I see is her bottom...where's the dress?  Well sports fans..that's why you get slurls now...isn't it :P  As I rezzed into this dress, my body simply cooed the word purrrrrrrrrrrfect, which of course made me finally hunker down and go get some Purrfect 10 shoes! Specifically...the Amara Heels Autumn in silver.  I may or may not have shop*gasm'd when I slid them on.  It was ... heavenly *sighs whimsically*

After getting our gorgeous girl up and running and ready for her debut, I topped off her look with some Wicked Gear and awayyyyyyyyy I went.  Phyllis may not be the RL Janet or Kim, but I guarantee you...she looks a lot like them both...and has more than enough star quality ;)

the deets:

shape: ~!STARE!~Phyllis II - Limited
skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins 2 - Honey
eyes: ~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes - Ceruleana
hair: Cake - Jade - Black - Flexi Hair
dress: Zaara : Acira minidress *silver*
jewelry: !WG! Celtic Knot Large Hoop Earrings
               !WG! Stacked Silver Bracelets
              Wicked Gear
shoes: Purrfect 10's Amara Heels Autumn Silver


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