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Yes today is a day for goofy.  We spend so much time in life being serious and all about work work work, that it’s rare that we have time for fun anymore.  So I bring you my little *snickers* version of fun.

If you are in our circle of friends you know that my sisters and I are HUGE goofballs, we love to joke, prank, and just be down right stoopid sometimes.  It’s a good way to bond, relieve stress, and most importantly HAVING FUN.   Let’s face it, SL isn’t always about working for a virtual job to make virtual money etc.  That is when it becomes too much like the real world, and quite frankly that gets really old, really fast.  So anyways… back to the point of my post.

My sisters and I are the most epic connoisseurs of the “Tiny avatar”.  We started all together with Loco Pocos, and it’s just exploded from there.  Different animals, characters, dances specifically for the tiny’s, even rides, flying hippos, and a whole bunch of other crazy which I won’t even start to explain.   So the other day I was SIM hopping , with my eye out for something specific when I came across Pink Fuel.  Now, Pink Fuel is known for their great affordable skins, and other cute stuff, but I had NO IDEA they did tiny’s.   If you could have seen me doing the happy dance in my chair, you would have laughed.

This is the “Tiny” wall at Pink Fuel.

Sooo much to choose from it took me forever to decide between the piggy and the yeti, but one of them won out in the end.

At the bottom you can also see about 6 versions of a tiny teddy bear avi too, and they are just as cute.  Go to the store, and it’s on the left as soon as you walk in, and each avi is about $100L

Now when I saw the WICKED YETI, I knew he had to be mine, so I took him on a trip.  Here are a couple of photos just for you guys.

So just remember, even in Secondlife you too can have fun, try on a tiny for size, you might actually have so much fun and laugh so hard you may just smile again.

What better way to showcase the Yeti than to take him to a Winter Sim…LOL

The SLurls:

Tiny Avi – PINK FUEL – Wicked Yeti [SLurl]


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