Mens Shoes - No really.

I was dragging my partner around checking out some new fashions for guys, largely because he doesn't have the greatest of wardrobes. You know how once upon a time you hit a certain SL age and went through your old freebies and cheapo outfits that you purchased as a fledgling avi... yeah .. He never did that. So his 3 almost 4 year old avi has a LARGE collection of undesired items. That little background history aside, I bring you UBER SNEAKERS from Kalnin's footwear!!!

These shoes have a re sizer script as well as 11 color change options (option 03 shown in photographs). They are easy to use are VERY well made. You can hardly tell these are virtual shoes the textures are so clear and crisp! But don't take my word for it. Check out the shop for yourself!


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