OMG Halloween Is Upon Us With The Cute?

Hello Shop*gasmers!!!! It's Suite here, yush, I has too much coffee this am *blinks*

So here I was sitting at home, all my fellow troublemakers are out and about over this weekend, which has me lonely and trying to NOT spend oodles of money shopping. Logging in this morning, something tweaked my brain and reminded me that I might just need some new hair, and the fact that I have not checked out Deviant Kitties in quite some time.

So I proceed to teleport and OMG their entire store has been revamped. One bonus, it's LESS LAGGY FTW! That was my biggest complaint about DK. I mean there is some great hair, but was sooo frustrating sifting through the lagfest like you were in a giant sand trap being sucked to the pits of despair... ya know? Anyways I digress...

As I am walking up to DK fully intending to buy at least TWO hair styles, 4 photo frames started to rez... It caught my attention only because I had my mouse hovering in their general area, and it said something like "blah blah blah blah $0!!!!!!!" yes, I'm sure it said something else, but the $0L is what caught my eye.

I proceeded to purchase ALL FOUR boxes. Come home, and voila. Darlings, we have 4 incredibly cute Deviant Kitty Cuddlies for Halloween.

From Left to Right....
Witch, Pumpkinhead, Mummy and Diablo (my personal fave)
*click pic for larger view*

Photo Creds:

Toys... Deviant Kitties Witch Pumpkinhead, Mummy & Diablo

Hair... Dylan (Dramatic Red)

Jewelry... this girl only wears DAHLINKS! Jazz Baby Pearls Black, Stacked Silver Bracelets and Stage & Screen, Diamond & Gold Stud earrings

Skin & Shape... Nice try, some things are kept sacred *winks*

Outfit... [Cynful] Denim Retroromper in Karo


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