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Hello Fellow Shop*gasmers! Have I got a treat for you! Are you or someone you know getting married? If so this blog is specifically for YOU!

Recently, we received a nudge about this wonderful lil store called "Ala Foile", and well ... we decided to check it out *grins* ALA FOILE LM [clickity]

The satellite store is very quaint, and fully decked out for Halloween. Upon entering the store you see a multitude of staircases taking you to different sections of the store. My first instinct was just to head to the back. On my way there, I came across the center desk and pillar. There they have items for $10L, $5L, and a freebie, along with a LM giver to the main store and a group joiner box!

Heading back out to the main landing on either side there are two sitting areas, with gorgeous comfy couches where you can peruse their hats, bracelets and shoes for sale. All high quality and so reasonably priced!

Now when you get into the core of the store you will see a multitude of the most GORGEOUS dresses I think I have ever seen. Again, reasonably priced, considering the amount of detail that is put into them. On the upper level there is also a lucky chair *winks* you know how we love those. Now... on to why I am here today....

The most beautiful, elegantly designed, highly detailed, stunningly simple wedding dress I have seen. For ONLY $1,500L, you get: the dress (and oh what a dress it is), the shoes, the bustle in 3 sizes, the bouquet, the veil and the stockings... you get the WHOLE shebang! I could sit here all day and talk about how gorgeous this dress is. And quite frankly my photos didn't even do this amazing piece of art the recognition it deserves. However, I must say, I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with this dress! I could totally walk about in SL forever and a day in it, it is just THAT pretty!


(please pay attention to the little details, the intricacy in the lace, the details in the flowers, the shoes, every little tid bit of this dress is just omg to-die-for)...

As you can plainly see this dress just oozes BEAUTIFUL BRIDE. And why should you have to spend a fortune to look gorgeous on your most special of days. I never thought that I would blog about a wedding dress, never mind one THIS pretty, but I am soooo glad that I did. I am so blessed to have been given the chance, time and opportunity to share it with you all.

ALA FOILE LM [clickity] and just before you enter, touch the little green vote box! This store is a MUST visit for any shopper looking to not spend a ton and still look fabulous!


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