Gasping over +Grasp+

Recently, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Recently like 2 days ago. Anyway, I'm sitting here bored off my rocker because, well, I can't eat anything good (MY KINGDOM FOR A STEAK!) and, talking sorta hurts so... DJing is out... and I really haven't found any new stores to tell you about, though I have hunted down some not so good stores, but we all know those are a dime a dozen right... ANYWAY, I'm sitting' around with some friends of mine and accidentally TP'd to +grasp+... here's where your benefit comes in to all this un needed commentary about my life...

They've got a new release. Namely - The Fur Trimmed Hooded jacket.

It comes in a variety of colors, I purchased the black. EXCELLENT prim work, AWESOME textures, but then, I wouldn't expect less from this store.

After my exciting purchase of the new fur trimmed hooded jacket *RAWR* I stumbled across another gem, The Loose Style Cami, I purchased the leopard print and black. Naturally the prim off the shoulder arm strap is a bit of a pain when your avi moves if you have an AO but.. honestly, the shirt is really cute!!

I also purchased the Leather pants with Hot pants, these pants/shorts come with a variety of printed panties, which just so happen to match the Cami I purchased earlier. WIN! No really, These items can make a variety of different outfits.

I think that's the best part about +grasp+ fashion. Most if not all of their items coordinate. So you can mix and match everything as much as you want! Never mind that the items themselves are reasonably priced!!! How can you NOT want to tp there right now?!


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