Ala-Folie Ala-Follahhhh!!

Greetings, fellow shopgasmers!!

As I sit in an airport awaiting my sky chariot home, I figured it best to make some good use of my time by yes..blogging *big grin* When I was asked to take a look at some dresses from hot store Ala Folie, I never imagined I'd find something with flowers on it that'd I'd actually want to wear *gasp*  Ok...ok...let me backpeddle just a scotche to alert you to something very specific about Kilo:  I DON'T DO FLOWER PRINTS.  *snickers* back to the story.  So I was looking through this stack of wonderful couture and came across this gorgeous find and HAD to have it.  No seriously!! It was like calling to me, dude: "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiloooo... weaaaaaaaaaar me!!!" Now who can resist a call to fashion such as this?  O.O  NO ONE.

Introducing the Brise D'ete - a wonderful flower patterned spring time dress. The full skirt swings out and plays along your curves without the flowers overwhelming your look. I'm not sure how flexi's work, but this dress's skirt is full of flexi, hitting your leg just at the knee with adds to the flirty feel of this springtime frock. So even when you stand look like you're floating and it makes for a very hypnotizing gaze *smiles*  I can honestly say...I felt like an absolute girly-girl when I put this on and I didn't even mind the ruffled sleeves (though you can totally casual down the flirty by removing them LOL).

The bodice is similar to that of a strapless top (with the obvious exception of the sleeve :P), so it leads your eye to the cleavage without you having to actually bare your chest.  The orange outline to the outfit combined with the free orange heels to match ties the colors together to make for one cute dress.

And at L$450  you can afford to go out and get all blinged up or just keep it simple with a necklace and a pair of simple earrings.  Definitely not an outfit (or store, I might add) to miss!  Massive kudos to you AlaFolie.  I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

Worn here:

Dress: Brise D'ete from Ala Folie
Hair: Samantha in Mohagony from Truth
Necklace: Initial Necklace (Gold K) from Dahlinks

Posed on: [LAP] Bump by Long Awkward Poses
Shout Out to our Male Model:  Thank you Darian for posing! (No idea what he was wearing fellas :P)


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