Fall into Autumn...with Kalnin's Shoes & Boots

So one night I was feeling a tad ... down in the mouth and my awesome sauce of a cousin, Beks simply typed the word "shopping?" into im.  Within minutes I was by her side looking at shop*gasmy goodness.

When you walk into the store, it's a bit unsuspecting in that, there doesn't seem to be a hole lot here. Mostly stuff for guys, but then...oooh..aah...ohhh *insert the typical opening hook of let's get it on* was all i could say as i turned and saw the yummy that is Kalnin's newest selection of shoes for the lovely ladies of Second Life.  Introducing Kalnin's Shoes...and their most recent addition: Kalnin's Fall Boot.

This glorious piece of footwear is the Fall Boot.  Coming in 11 fall colors, you get your standard black and white shades as well as browns, oranges, russets and even a funky purple and blue/green option...all in the celebration of Autumn. Though resizable, the smallest you'll get this boot to go is 2.00 and they look GREAT.

There are three sections you can color individually:

Area 1 (the heel)
Area 2 (the boot)
Area 3 (the straps)

At L$750 with this many options and the option of silver or gold metal, the possibilities are endless with how you can wear this gorgeous anklet!  Below is how I managed to find a way to rock the boot.  But....before you get to the rest of my ensemble, go to Kalnin's by clicking here, get on the subscribo and when you buy these boots (and you wiiiill), you'll receive an immediate discount of 20% off (or is it 30? can't remember *shrugs*) of every purchase.  Ok! now on to the oufit!!

Ok. So it's a rarity I will ever shoot in front of my house, but..yeah..I was being a lazy bum. Welcome to a glimpse of my sanctuary :P  Now on to the important details!!  Clothing and how to achieve the look!  This is a mix and match of many content creators inworld and a rather awesome effort if I do say so myself (and I do).  So yup...here we go (good luck all):

Hair: Pony - Magika
Shape & Skin: not telling...a girl's gotta have SOME secrets ^.^
Eyes: Lunar Eyes - ultra violet from << negaposi >>
Earrings: Glow Mesh Silver Hoop Earrings - Dahlinks
Necklace: Initial Necklace in Silver K - Dahlinks
Top: Urban Retro (top from outfit) - Grueling Designs
Belly Ring: Tribal Xcite Belly Ring - Xcite
Jeans: Faded ultra low rise boyfriend jeans - Wicked Gear
Boots: Kalnin's Fall Boots - Kalnin

Pose: [MJ + DADA] *Kriemhild*Pose04 [Free] by Mia Jinn for [MJ + DADA]

Happy shopping kids!! See you on the grid!


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