I'm Coo Coo for *CoCo*!

I always wanted to pimp slap that stupid bird when he started goin' all nuts with the crazy eyes n junk... No for real, think about it.. You're sittin' there eatin' your Cocoa Puffs with your little spoon in hand when all of a sudden, this giant frickin' bird jumps through your window with crazy eyes and his giant beak bouncin' around like a ping pong ball shoutin' "I'm Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!!" You would NOT laugh and point, you'd be reachin' for somethin' to bludgeon the bird. Don't' lie. You know you would!

So yeah, that rant aside... I went shopping! Which of course is why we're here right? I went to *CoCo* and found this adorable Long Sleeve Tunic with belt. I think I would have liked it better in the black color, as the white doesn't blend the prims with the texture as well as it should. But I love it none the less! :P

It has prim sleeve attachments, now, for you neko's out there (or anyone else with a pelvis or stomach attachment) This dress covers both. The belt, and the skirt piece sit on pelvis and stomach, then there's the two side skirt pieces which sit on your left and right upper legs. So unless you use Emerald Viewer and have the multiple attachment points to the one location, you're a bit hurt for spots when wearin' this dress.

ONTO THE PICTURES! Who wants to read all this rambling anyway... Just look at the art! LMAO! Oh, and here's the SLURL to *CoCo* http://slurl.com/secondlife/COCO%20DESIGNS/86/118/521
I bought these a while back but, never got around to blogging about them so. Today's your lucky day! I'm full of it today... not that "it"... the other "it" :P These shoes are the UBER AWESOME J's Real Toe studded wedge sandals - in white. They have a toe color changer doohicky thingamabobber and nail changer and.. well shoot just go see for yourself! http://slurl.com/secondlife/TSUKISHIMA/211/198/22
OH! I nearly forgot. I also went to my hair haunt Deviant Kitties RAWR! And got this REALLY AWESOME HAIR!
I walked out with the Callie [Whites] hair pack. The bandana comes with its own hud with a ton of different bandana pattern and color options. It's fantastic!! The hair comes in a ton of colors with colored tip options too to suit your color of choice. here's the SLURL for Deviant Kitties http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deviant%20Kitties/124/67/28
♥Also Worn♥
~MaxEyez - Custom Prim Eyes ~
~ Dahlink's Monroe lip Piercing ~
~ Dahlink's Custom Twin Dog Tags ~
~Hybrid Hypod ear ~
~ Blitzed - Marauder Cuffs ~
HAPPY SHOPPING! And watch out for crazy birds tryin' to jack your cereal. Just sayin' it could happen!


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