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After reading both of my sisters then and now blogs, I decided, as I have NOTHING else to do right now, that I would post my own transformation. I’ll try not to bore you with the details too much, as my story is no where near as interesting as Kilolo’s attempt to find herself. (Although I do give myself props for being there BOTH times she found the perfect skin **pats on back**) Okay okay… back to the important stuff… ME!!! 

I started out in Second Life September 18th, 2007 – Creepy right? One month to the day before Kilolo! – My very dear RL and Virtual friend Atheena convinced me to shed the shackles of World of RD07Warcraft (This is amusing as I played a priest for all you WoW players) and check out the unlimited things you could do within Second Life’s expansive grid! So, why not, did. Atheena and I had this brilliant plan that we were going to start our own game within SL similar to the likes of Ultima Online. There really hasn’t been a game out there anywhere close to Ultima Online since. Oh sure WoW, EQ, and DAoC are great but… UO is where it started for me, and offered much more than the newer more advanced MMRPG’s. ANYWAY back on subject… I entered SL – Atheena within minutes of me logging in proceeded to dump freebie skins, hair, clothes, shoes, and jewelry on me. As well as a link to Free Dove (still in existence). We decided however that the freebie hair just wasn’t going to do. It simply wasn’t “Rose”. So, Atheena had purchased some linden and said “Lets go hair shopping”… and we did… Sadly, I don’t have any photo’s from before the hair shopping. But the photo I’m about to show you was taken just before I started working at Crimson Gild Club in October of 2007.

That freebie dress has been all over the grid FOREVER! It’s been sold (sadly) in it’s different altered forms by unscrupulous vendors in SL. Those people are horrible btw. I have no love for someone who takes a freebie, makes a minor, almost invisible change to it, and sells it as their own works. That’s just TnR07lame.. for shame! I still have that hair though someplace in my inventory. Though I have long since outgrown the red, I still love the color. Want to know where I got it? Yeah me too! So I checked ye ole inventory of doom, turns out it was from a place called Mystical Hair – the owner hasn’t been online since September of 09 and the sim is an invalid location so, I’m going to assume – it’s closed down :( Anyway, after this incarnation I tried a ton of different hair colors, I usually stuck with the red Mystical though…. unless I was DJing.. then we had Carrot Top Rose. I found the various styles at Gurl6, turns out Gurl6 DJRosemoonhair was really bad for me. Ate my head. As shown

There was some time when I became full out neko, Yep, Furry. I was a white tiger. Had the stripety tail, ears, and bright green kitty eyes! I don’t put it on often but, now and again you’ll see me roll out in the White Tiger form:
There was a very brief time where I wore a skin by Geisha Dreams that my then new partner DJRoseparty Tavian purchased as a gift for me, I had been admiring the skins but, at the time, the linden amount for the skins seemed a lot to me, I don’t buy linden, everything I have in SL has been earned through DJing, wedding planning, Photography, or some other random thing…

When I was shopping with Kilolo to find her sexy chocolate skin,*the first time* I stumbled across one for myself at Minnu Model now known as Le Lutka? While in that skin, I changed Rosiebadassnesshair style/color a lot. I went from reds to blacks, blacks with white tips, for a brief time I sported that carrot color again (it seems
to make a reappearance now and then) I loved the skin, but, it fell a little flat in pictures. 


I had seen all these newer skins being release with awesome shading and texture, gave the avatar depth, really made them stand out as more than a flat image on the screen. and so we move on to my current skin from Redgrave… While in the Redgrave I stayed neko. Kept my black tail and ears right up until the last change.


Sometime around this point, The Rasta-Guin was birthed. I don’t know where she came from but, The rasta is… insanity at it’s finest. When you see her, you should just be prepared for the craziest capers you can possibly imagine. If there’s something to be said, rest assure, the Rasta will say it. Beware the Penguin my friends…

RoseRdiThis is, the current Roselynn Darkstone. It’s a Redgrave skin, black hair, bi colored eyes, those bracers I never go without. I feel like this is a true appearance of my personality. A little crazy, and a little sexy. There, I admitted I think I’m sexy. Happy? I still say I’m sexually dead though. So :P
I nearly forgot the ONE time I made Roselynn a blonde! I did it for a photo series I had been shooting. I think I stayed in this look for a couple days after just because I thought it was funny. So I’ll give you that one last brief glimpse of Roselynn as a blonde….thethief
Jusqu’a la prochaine fois


Kilolo Jenkins January 15, 2010 at 7:47 AM  

You do to have pictures of the Gurl6 eat a person large size hair...carrot top! :P

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