Twenty-Ten – Starting Fresh….

I know I know, I “should” be making some kind of earth breaking and mind boggling New Years resolution, but I have decided to share a secret with everyone :)
See when I first started in SL, I was the QUEEN of freebie shopping.  I would search for malls, for ANYTHING that was free because at the time I had $0L to my name.  Then after getting a job in world, and discovering my love for shopping & fashion, I quickly saw that I had created a monster.  Now think… tons of freebies, then add to it tons of paid for clothes, along with textures, body parts, dances, huds, objects etc… can you see where I am going with this?  INVENTORY HELL!!!!!

So my dear blessed Shop*gasm reader I bring you… “Suite’s Guide To Keeping Your Shit Organized!”

Pictured to the left, is a snapshot into the wonderful craziness that is my inventory.  Now as you can see it is NOW manageable on an OCD level, however, it took days to get it like this.
My method of madness was like so….
1) Start at the first item in your inventory and work all the way though.
3) If you not longer wish to keep it – DELETE IT
4) Create folders – as you see on the left.  I found that I had more favourite designers than I had say “Dresses, pants etc”
5) Move said items into their corresponding folders, and you will see that as you work though your MASSIVE inventory, that it starts to have some structure and organization to it.
6) DO NOT rename the original folders that the items came in or else your pretty much screwed when it comes to wanting to find that hot number you wore to that kick ass party 6 months ago, but can’t remember the name.
7) My #1 rule for creating folders for specific designers…. if I have more than 10 items from a specific store, then they get their own folder.  Otherwise, the rest are divvied up between – Gowns, dresses, pants, shirts and so on.

Pictured right is what I have done with my body parts folder.  When you first start your avi you should make a “default folder”  this will house your shape, eyes, skin, tattoo, and any other thing you wear on your person ALL THE TIME.  Then I broke it down to HUD’s, my eye collection, hair, nails, etc.
If you follow these simple steps your out-of-control inventory can quickly become and organizational surprise.  I never in a million years thought that I would get through all my 15,000+ items to do this, but I did.  1hr a day over a couple of weeks and I was done.  So if I can do it, YOU can certainly do it.  These practices can also be applied to your notecards, and objects folders, making it more streamline for you.
p.s. if you buy something new, put it in its proper folder asap!  So it doesn’t get out of control again.
So there you have it lovies <3


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