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So...I'm sifting through ye old photos (again) and came across the Kalnins I never got to blog...HA! December was a busy month for Kalnins!

These delectable yummies called the Digna boot came out just before the new year and happened upon my feet when I was going through a bit of a change in look/demeanor/whatever you wish to call it.  This look is still a work in progress, but let’s just say the Digna gives just the right punch that this look needed. It’s spunky, cute & versatile enough that you can accent the most “I’mma kick yer ass” outfit or the most cutesy/dainty skirt set and make the look your own. Boot, straps and metal are all color change….so the possibilities are endless!

These red & white clunkers of spunky shoe are the Kalnins Orchid.  These kitchy color change heels were released back in December sometime just before Pacadi Jasha did her now famed “Secret Fashion Show (of awesome...and blindfolds :P)”.  I didn’t get to attend, but a little blogger sent me a cute lil outfit to try on and when I diiiiiiiiid, I thought “ooh!! ooh!!  Orchids and a blindfold baby!  The Orchids come in 12 color selections all very bold and bright colors. You can change the straps to be alternating colors as well as interior sole and heel. The sole is a bit thick for my liking, but damn if the shoe isn't cute.

THESE are my favorites so far in their series of shoes: The Dragoness.  I have worn these in previous posts and wear them with just about every thing I can find (except pjs of course :P).  Funny enough…these aren’t the focus of this particular shot.  The dress, however, is.  It is the Collection MOREA STYLE CITY *CORALIE pearl* and I found it while looking for something completely unrelated while I was skulking about

Now…before you get your feathers in a tizzy. I try extremely hard to not use that dang blasted website for anything other than a search engine on things to buy inworld if I can help it.  Why? Simple…I’d rather give the content creator their full amount of by visiting the shop versus giving it to them via the exchange, where a portion of the sale…ON TOP OF…the cost for them to house the pages for the content goes to the powers that be.  This became more pressing after it became known that prices were escalating for all persons who sell items on the exchange, including that of the powerfully complex freebie.

Anyway…I hadn’t seen a baby doll like this dress and thought it was so beautiful that I actually fell asleep at my computer while I patiently waited at the store inworld for the store to rez (yup…definitely that anti-establishment at this point when it comes to the x-street.  The only problem I had with this piece and this was largely a thing where I it is because I’m a little shorter than usual avis (can you believe 6’1” inworld is still considered short? O.O) was that I had to adjust the sleeves so that the tops wouldn’t poke out of my shoulders.  Otherwise I think I wore this sucker for a week straight.

Clearly … Kalnins is very much on the rise and not going anywhere…*Ding* what’s that I hear? Another Kalnins shoe hit my inventory O.O  This time … it’s for men.  Dammit!! LOL

The looks:

Pictures 1 & 2:

Hair: Black Maria freebie Mohawk from Hair Fair 2009
Outfit: B.I.T.C.H from C-Morane (now known as Delirium)
Shoes: Kalnins Digna in black
Earrings/Necklace/Rings: (Dahlinks) GloMesh Silver Hoop Earrings, Love Potion No 9 in Kilo Purple (yup…that’s the actual color name at the store) & Silver Diamond Spin Ring
Cuffs: O-Ring Bondage Style Cuffs from Wicked Gear
Poser: [LAP] Photo Prop Circle
Shades: primOptic Elois sunglasses

Picture 3:

Jewelry: [P/a] XmasGift –Noel @ PERTURB/ation
Outfit: PACADI Jasha CSFS Lingerie #003
Shoes: Kalnins Orchid in Red/White
Belly Ring: Xcite Tribal Belly Ring
Blindfold: L$1 red blindfold from (comes w/ matching HUD O.O)
Hair:*booN UPP382 hair
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

Picture 4:

Hair: ETD's Anisa in Obsidian
  Morrighan Diamond & Pearl earrings, Silver & Diamond Spin Ring from Dahlinks
  Short Loose Pearls - SiSSi
Dress: Collection MOREA STYLE CITY *CORALIE pearl*
Shoes: Kalnins Dragoness in Pink & White
Poses: Vista Animations Supavalue AO


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