HumpDay Happiness + Dancing = Hidden Gems when Shopping

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Hello shopgasmers!!

Fair warning:  the items you see in this blog post are about a little over a week old.  Largely because I've been busy working on RL!!  But also because I am backlogged!!  But yayness for all!

After spending the night at ::CMC:: Designs Cancer Memorial thinking and placing my candle, I needed a pick me up. With no one being up, that left me to do the one thing all residents HATE: sorting of the old inventory (and man do I have a lot to do).  I came across the above hidden gem of an outfit in the midst of all of my Peace on Earth Hunt Swag (style notes coming).  This little number (well sweater & jeans) came from Chicaholic and was accompanied by boots, a beret, a scarf and a bushel of apples I think (can't remember).  Not really liking the accessories that accompanied the outfit...I decided to combine it with a few of my personal staples and then...*BING!* into my hot little hands fell the 69L Hump Day Happiness notecard!!

Having never used the HDH nc before to shop, I got a little giddy and as I swapped out pieces of the outfit here and there, I started to dance!!  And that's exactly how this little voyage of happy began: dancing and teleporting (see those hot moves...Ooh!! LOL).  First stop:  GL Designs.  THIS was a first for me. I had never been here, but the item up for grabs looked so cute, I couldn't resist. Looking over the store, I not only picked up the 69L item (which you'll see later), I grabbed: Plaid, Tiny Sweaters, Shae outfit, Strapless and this hot little number to our right called the Traffic Stopper in blue. The only drawback is the skirt prim is slightly tilted upward (which you might see in the shot that when looked at from the wrong angle makes you question whether or not I have some extra parts *wink*). Nothing so bad that one can't adjust the prim and move on. It was all in all a very sexy and casual dress without being too revealing.  It hugs the avi just right; definitely ... a great buy.

Still in jeans and sweater, I ventured down the list, rejecting some locations because ... well?...the items simply weren't for me. And that's not to knock our content creators.  Not everything is for everyone, but damn if I didn't enjoy the search.  Part of my travels actually landed me at Peer Poses, where while I didn't like the 69L item being offered, I DID still end up buying a cute lil pose aaaaaaaaaand noticed something that made me wants to urf the store (if by want to...I may have ^.^). I've never seen a pose shop offer a service where they resize the pose to fit the avatar. To me that was an awesome find. And even though the pose I bought (Role on the Floor 1 - L$50) may not have needed resizing, I knew a few photogs that would LOVE to have that option.  So A+ to Peer Poses and kudos to them for offering such a wonderful service!

After having gone through the card and finding not much else I wanted from the batch, I decided to take my dancing on the road.  Slipping into my hot new dress, I remembered that I had just went to visit Heart & Sole not too long ago and picked up a new pair of shoes called Drops and thought...hmmm...let's have a look, shall we?  To my luck...the pieces of awesome worked well with my dance steps, dress and venture over to Mudhoney to check out their shop before heading home.  While I didn't get anything there this trip, it did definitely get the noodle going as to future purchases (as did the HDH notecard), especially after opening up my POE swag to see the couch that dances during transition...aweeeseome!!!

Finally making my final pit stop at my sister's house, I decided that while the dress was faaaaaaaabulous...I needed to get comfortable.  So I slipped into the outfit that caused my Hump Day journey, my nifty new Kalnins and collapsed in a happy, danced-out heap on the Mudhoney Holiday Cuddle lounge.  Ahhhh  ... shopping yay to the fullest.  I needed a cigarette after such a gratifying trek of shopping...and I don't even smoke!!

Shopgasm achieved? Aye...shopgasm...achieved ;)

The Looks:

LOOK 1 & 3:

Outfit: Cable Knit Sweater (sans turtleneck), chicaholic ladies jeans (former POE 2009 gift) ~ Chicaholic
Hair: Argrace Baseball Cap - Relaxed Ponytail Black ~ Argrace
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture - Elsa Boots in BLACK ~ Surf Couture
Jewelry: Dahlinks
  (Dahlinks) Yin Yang Pendant
  (Dahlinks) GloMesh Silver Hoop Earrings
  (Dahlinks) Spin Ring - Diamond
POSE: Role on the Floor 1 ~ Peer Poses
Dances: I have no idea what is in my huddle anymore :P


Hair: Untamed in Black ~ LAQ
Shoes: Drop Heels in Black ~ Heart & Sole
Jewelry: Dahlinks
  (Dahlinks) Yin Yang Pendant
  (Dahlinks) GloMesh Silver Hoop Earrings
  (Dahlinks) Spin Ring - Diamond


Outfit: GLD Smokin' ~ GL Designs
Boots: Snowdrift ~ Kalnins
Hair: Lydia in Obsidian ~ ETD
Pose: POE 2009 Holiday Cuddle Lounger ~ MudHoney


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