Down in the trenches with R.D.

Right so, as most of you know, I'm a DJ, and I've got friends across the grid from all walks of life... anyway, I was doin' muh thing, spinnin' some tunage, mindin' muh business when my good friend Alex drops this image on me from some store I had never been before.. naturally this perks my interest and of course, I'm mid set so, STUCK NOOOOO!!! How frustrating!

Anyway, I finish my set and check out the store... WOW! There's jackets of all kinds, shirts, dresses, pants, lots of great looking stuff for guys and gals alike! So I'm perusing all of this great merchandise and came across my favorite new piece of wardrobe, the Snake trench coat in black made by AOHARU. The store is a bit difficult to locate the things you're after so, make sure you have more than a few minutes to wander the place.

With many many great things to offer, and currently a 50% off sale going on, ladies and gents you better get down there soon and check it out! I think I'm going to hop back for another view muhself!!


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