Armidi - Beautiful in Blue

Hello again loyal readers, Suite here, with another installation of blogging!  I know right, again?  You have to be kidding me, however, when I feel something is worth giving a shout-out, then scream it from the roof-tops I will, and Armidi is definatly the store I am joy-gasming about on this entry.
I am a loyal and avid reader of just about every fashion blog syndicate there is, so it was to my surprise when we went out and about yesterday that the topic of Armidi came up.  I was asked if I had ever been, after my sister, Kilo, inquired about this cute outfit a friend of ours was wearing.  I pondered for a moment, and said, that I didn’t recall ever going to Armidi because, well I thought that the quality while outstanding was probably reflected in the price of the items.  Assuming they would be crazy expensive I never went.  BOY WAS I WRONG, and sooo glad I was.
So after gathering ourselves from shenanigans, we were promptly TP’d over to Armidi.  The sim is absolutely stunning!  Set up like a downtown city core unlike I have ever seen, it has a great layout, and other shops just not the main store.  We ended up in the part that sells the Gisaci line.

*Click picture for larger view*
Now this is where the blue comes in.  I am a red head, and have a hard time wearing bold colours as it clashes so horrendously with my hair and skin.  Coming upon this cute outfit  - Buone Vacanze: Aqua Frilla, I immediately purchased it.  There were many other bold and natural colours, but this one spoke to me.  The prim work is great, there was some adjusting I had to do because I have unusual legs (this according to the fitters at BAX boots) because I am a more thigh thick avi, who is short, as opposed to tall and very petite.  I love the pairing of the rich blue and the light coloured shorts.  It reminded me of those very delectable Sari fabrics that are so pretty you just want to frame them and look at them.  The outfit was less than $350L’s so I didn’t feel guilty in the least in picking up two cute dresses, both in shades of red, but not something that I already have in my inventory. 
Armidi gets a 4 1/2 stars from me.  The only down side was the load.  Other than that, I need you all to click this link and get yourself some amazingly beautiful couture, from a designer who deserves to have more prominence on fashion blogs everywhere!  Definitely a hidden gem on the grid!
Note To Shoppers:  On this blog you come to expect our honesty. So I would be remiss if I were to not let you know this vital information.  If you have a slower computer and an older graphics card, expect this sim to load VERY slowly.  I have a relatively new computer, and even still the load rate was less than stellar.  Not that this is negative by any stretch of the imagination, the store, once completely rezzed is AMAZING and highly detailed.  I would highly suggest taking a visit in off-peak hours so that it will load a bit more quickly for you.


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