Blogger Challenge #2 – Then & Now

When Sacred Fashion posted up a glimpse into her starting in SL, and then turned it into a blogger challenge, I couldn’t help but to do it.  I mean really, when we first all came in world, we looked noobish.  Most of us coming in world around 2006-2007 when the whole fashion/skin/shape industry of SL was not as prominent as it is now.
I remember it taking me MONTHS to save up L’s just for a cute new outfit, and OMG, I was the QUEEN of freebie shopping, picking up EVERYTHING under the sun no matter how hideous it looked, just so I would have some variety in my clothing *smiles*
So here is a photo view for all the loyal Shop*gasm readers.  The “evolution” of Suitelady DeCuir…
I started in world on April 28th, 2007 for my second attempt at seeing how cool SL was.  I did originally join back in 2006, but found the grid hard to navigate, and never found many places to make friends.  Also still dealing with the recent death of my mother in RL, I left for about a year before making another entrance.
2007 until Present…..

I know I know its small.  I still shudder when I see this photo, apparently at one time I thought this was a rather, um… edge and attractive look?  This is one of those “What in the sam hell were you thinking”  I don’t remember much about this look to be honest, I have completely blocked it from memory..LOL

This photo is from almost a year later when I met a friend of mine off livejournal, and she told me that she played Second Life.  She is one of the reasons that I actually came back in world.  I was pointed to ETD, and immediately fell in love with their hair.  At the time aside from Gurl6, ETD was the place for awesome hair.  Still wearing the newbie skin, I also stumbled upon and paid for my shape.  Yes it is the SAME SHAPE I wear today.  That I have never changed, and its very doubtful I ever will.  It was modeled after a Playgirl Model, but the store is no longer in world, and for that I feel kinda lucky to have a one-of-a-kind (in my mind at least).

WOW, back in the latter part of 2008, when I discovered cuffs, and REFUSED to take them off my person.  This is from Christmas time as you can tell by my awful attempt of making Santa clothing sexy… LMAO
The skin – The oBscene Ganesha, I have since deleted after a massive inventory clean (read my previous posting).  But I wore it for the better part of a year.  Never changing it, never getting different makeups etc.
Also note, I didnt have tattoos at this time… YET.

Sometime between the latter part of 2008 into 2009, I was lost.  This is me re-emerging as my own.  My love for [42] skins quite apparent in my inventory as at the time, I had every skin they had released.  I was in love with shopping. 
Big fan of Zaara, Truth, Potassium, League, SG, Deviant Kitties, and of course, still ETD until they left for some time.
Early 2009 was my year to discover myself.  To make Suite, who I though she was, and make her look AWESOME, quite a leap from my early beginnings, but omg what a change.

This is the current version of Suite <3  *Click for a larger photo*
I can’t tell you where I get my eyes or skin, that's a secret :p  But she is the recent incarnation of who I am in world.  Still rocking the shape I bought so long ago, still loving the red hair, I have worn it since coming in somewhat full-time, that Suite without red hair or this tattoo is just a HUGE no-no. 
Thanks to the discovery of fashion blogs for SL, and subsequently becoming one myself with my sisters, my experience has only been improved, 10-fold.  So thank you :)
If you would like to do the challenge, click here to see the details.


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