Just WOW

My wonderfully supportive partner Tavian decided that this morning was a spoil Rosie day. So here we are, a new sexy outfit. Here's the thing, I saw this outfit and the first thought was "whoa that's awesome"... and as I looked at it further, I loved it more and more. This outfit comes with scarf, prim skirt, and jeans with prim ankle cuffs. The texture is brilliant, the prim work is super!
I'm always wearing the Bax Prestige boots in red. They're as always wonderfully done, I can't wait to buy the brown and white sets as I already own the black and quite frankly, no SL avi should be without these boots. Period. As an FYI Bax offers fittings for your boots so that you don't have to hassle with them, thanks Julia Merosi for doing a wonderful and quick job at my fitting this morning!!

Also I wanted to talk about one of the rising hair places in SL X*plosion. I'm wearing their Tisha style, I love their hair. I don't know what else to say.

All in all, I'm having fun with this outfit, and I don't think it's gonna come off for a few days.... till next blog anyway.... LOL!!!


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