You’re Invited – Shop*Gasm Party!

As a blog, we have very few opportunities to put our own spin on the fashion world. Wait, scratch that. That’s EXACTLY what we do. Okay, let me start again…
*clears throat*
The Shop*Gasm girls wish to invite ALL of you, friends, Romans, countrymen, freaks, maybe even the taco bell burrito, with its cheesy, beefy inside.. mmmm BUFFET! Okay so, sorry, distracted. What was I talking about again?!
OH RIGHT! Debuting a ONE OF A KIND, CAN’T GET THIS ANYWHERE (but from a Shop*Gasm girl)  in conjunction with the designers at T-Junction – We bring you ONE HELLOVA PARTY FREE T-SHIRTS AND A LINDEN PRIZE!!!
 tjunct-shopgasmcloseup4 copy*pictured from left to right*
AJ, Suite, Hayden, Kilolo, Darian, Roselynn
AJ from Sixx Pack - (Thanks for modeling for us, sugar) is wearing the Shop*Gasm exclusive “Warning: I URF displays” T.
Suite’s got on a three of a kind, as in, only Suite, Kilo, and Rose have it - “Shop*Gasm Girls… (back) do it better 2gether” T.
Hayden is wearing T-junction men's “For a minute there, you bored me to death” T.
Kilolo’s got the Shop*Gasm exclusive “Shopped ‘Till I dropped” T.
big D’s wearin’ the new men’s T “Sex With Your Girlfriend” from T-Junction
Roselynn’s wearing the “Do I look like a fucking people person” female T from T-Junction.
tjunct-shopgasmcloseup copyAll of those shirts, except the Shop*Gasm exclusives, can be purchased from T-Junction's store. We would really like to thank the T-Junction ladies, Kalli and Lauren, for all of their hard work in making our vision possible (and creating such awesome shirts in general). We ABSOLUTELY recommend the shirts from T-Junction. They’re funny AND stylish. These designers have put a lot of work into making sure their shirts look great as well as amuse us all.
tjunct-shopgasmcloseup2 copy
Now, onto the when’s and where’s of it all….
When: Saturday May 15th         4:00pm SLT
Where: Sixxth Sense
Theme: Musical Chairs!
What, you expecting some cookie cutter theme?! Pfft, we’re Shop*Gasm! We don’t do ANYTHING normal. No really we don’t. Stop looking at me like that! I’m serious!

The winner of Musical Chairs will receive 1,000 linden! Our limited edition Shop*Gasm tjunct-shopgasmcloseup3 copyexclusive T-Shirts will be handed out during the event as well. DJ Kilolo will be spinning  some tunes, and the Sixxth Sense girls will be around to entertain you as well! Suitelady and Roselynn should be around too! You DON’T want to miss this party!!!! Clear your calendars, lock up your children, put the spouse on the couch with a feed bag and a remote, take away Grandma’s teeth, and join the three craziest fashion bloggers on the grid for a REALLY stellar time, at Sixxth Sense!!!
*Photography provided by Suitelady DeCuir (Ain’t she awesome?!)
*Editing by Kilolo Jenkins (Rose can’t spell)
*Zany commentary and insanity provided by Roselynn Darkstone
One love folks, see ya Saturday!!!


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