The wrong inspiration

*Fashion Rant*

This is for the guys in SL. Designers too. This is my opinion, and those of most of the women I’ve spoken to about the “trend” too.

Guys: Those jeans with the prim crotch, you know the ones I’m talking about. The “Jeans with Prim cuffs and pouch” or “Prim thong with pouch” look stupid. Like REALLY stupid. If stupid had a picture in the dictionary. It’d be those styled clothes.

I mean, first of all, the only dude IRL whose package is all BADOING in clothing like that was David Bowie in Labrynth. You KNOW that was totally a tube sock in those spandex!  I still have nightmares about that dudes crotch.

You look at a guy walking down the street and his jeans aren't tight enough in the crotch for you to notice a huge bulge like that.. and if you did, you'd wonder what kinda herpes he had because normal dudes don't have a beach ball on their crotch!! Elephantitus of the sack doesn’t give you any excuse for this ridiculous trend.

You may as well have a clown punching bag there, because that's what those crotch pants/undies/thongs inspire from me.

*End Rant*

Brought to you by the angry mind of Roselynn Darkstone


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