The Winner Revealed!

Okay, we’ve had the party, it’s been a few days since said party, and I figured we should thentherewere4_002introduce the winner and runner up to the masses. You’ve seen the shirts, but if you weren’t able to attend the Musical Chairs fiesta complete with dancing girls and a kick ass DJ, then you REALLY missed a stellar party. Everyone had a blast! All three Shop*Gasm girls were in attendance and stirring up trouble!

The last three players were Lips, djrafe, and Kizmit. Kizmit went out which left Lips and djrafe for the final chair…

It was REALLY close, DJ Kilo killed the music and the dots went flyin’! Lips was just a little too slow though because djrafe planted his butt in the chair first, and so, djrafe is the winner of our Shop*Gasm thentherewere4_005Musical Chairs party!!!

We did however want to thank EVERYONE who came along to party with us. We all had such a fantastic time. We really wanted to give a special shout out to MissB for upping the pot for the Musical Chairs from 1,000 to 2,000 linden, as well as Sixxth Sense for allowing us to take over their club, and the Sixxth Sense dancers for putting up with the shenanigans while they were performing. They were AWESOME by the way :)


If you didn’t have the opportunity to join us, be on the look out for another party in the future. We had so much fun, we’re thinking about doing another type of event sometime and we’ll likely be passing out those Shop*Gasm T’s from T-Junction as well. So you’ll have another shot to get yourself one of these stellar T’s. thentherewere4_011*Pictured left to right: Kilolo, Suitelady, djrafe, Lips, and Rose*

Thanks for all of your support and love folks – We really appreciate everything!!

~The Shop*Gasm Girls


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