Defying the laws of gravity

WGjeans_001 In today’s installment of, “there’s something seriously wrong with that girl”… I’m going to show you the latest low rise jeans to come out of Wicked Gear. They’re called “Classic low rider jeans with sculpt legs”. They’re actually REALLY nice jeans, and if not for the pixel verse, you’d need glue to hold these puppies up. Yep, they’re that low. These things wrap around your butt cheeks. Your ass is seriously showing. And that’s not your attitude. Your actual ass hangs out of these like two stoners on a couch. I understand this is the SL trend. It is definitely NOT a trend I can get behind. Pun intended.WGjeans_004

Call me a prude, or whatever you’d like, but for me, I like the air of realism. I like to put things on my scrawny Avi that might actually be worn on a skinny bitch in RL. I like the thought that in some way, I can participate in the fashion world, by being in SL. So for me, I don’t like these jeans. I don’t like that my ass is sticking out of them, for the little bit of ass that is covered by these jeans, I may as well be wearing a pair of chaps. And it’s not just THESE Jeans. I’ve seen them elsewhere at varying stores across the grid. I truly hate this SL Fad. I think it looks ridiculous. WGjeans_003

That being said, these really are BEAUTIFULLY textured. The prim bottoms actually match/work with the texture of the pant layer. So if my ass were covered, I’d totally wear these jeans daily! If you’re into this style, which the majority of the grid seems to be, these jeans are worth the linden. So stop by Wicked Gear and bare those bottoms!

*This post was in no way meant to Target Wicked Gear for this trend, I actually LOVE most of the things you can purchase from WG. I wear a ton of their things. They just happen to be the ones who have released these recently. My apologies for using them as the example.


Kenzie Nieuport May 8, 2010 at 12:21 AM  

I couldn't agree more. The textures and craftsmanship on these WG jeans are fantastic! That being said, I can't hang with this style of jeans either. For me, "low rider" jeans are the ones that show just the barest tease of the top of the bottom. The kind that make a guy stare and hold his breath in anticipation of possibly seeing more. Then again, I'm obviously not a prude cuz if I'm going to be wearing revealing shorts, they're going to be revealing from the bottom up, the shorter the better. Just my preference. :)

But hey, people's differing tastes is what the creators count on right? :) Otherwise it'd be boring as heck for them ... and us too.

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