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RGCOCO_003 So, I did what I normally do when my sisters are busy and I’m bored off my gourd… SHOPPING! FTW. I actually came across TWO, count them TWWOOO outfits that I want to blog, but for the moment I’m only gonna talk about this latest one. I’ll get to the other in time. Yes. I’m teasing you. Teasing you like a hooker on a shady corner with her doctors certificate of STD Freeness. *coughs*

And back to our regular programming – I went to Redgrave. HOLY SHIT ROSE WENT TO REDGRAVE?!  OMG! I know right?! So I went to Redgrave and found this shirt. It’s an epic shirt, though I was a tad disappointed that it wasn’t as advertised. It’s ONLY the shirt part, not the skirt part too. I didn’t see where to buy the skirt part shown in the pic but, we’ll get to that later I guess. The shirt – Is called, “Shirt with Foulards”. Now, for those of you wondering what the RGCOCO_001fuck a foulard is… it’s basically a silk or cotton material, usually however it’s referenced to neckerchiefs, neck ties, and the like but in this case, it’s the shirt ruffle on the front. Why didn’t they just call it a ruffle you ask? Well, because Foulard sounds much cooler and then I wouldn’t get to inform you of the coolness that is French words! the ruffle comes in two options, “wrinkled” or “sparkled”. Personally, I like the sparkled better. The wrinkled for some reason doesn’t look like it goes with the shirt texture at all. The price for the top was pretty good for the quality. I am happy with the purchase overall.  That being said, could someone tell me how to turn off the newbie bling on the stone in the center?! I HATE BLING!!

I’ve paired the top with a pair of CoCo’s Slim Fit pants in silver. I love these pants. They’re offered in a multitude of colors and look really cute with most anything, especially a pair of baxies, which is what I’m wearing in the pics as well :) Bax boots, go with EVERYTHING. Don’t argue, you know they do.RGCOCO_002

And with that, I’m out. Peace love n chicken grease!


Also worn: Dahlinks Celtic Hoop earrings, Uruha hair from Deviant Kitties, UK Couture hat, LAQ Skin


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