See the Kinex-ion?

This blog is actually not gonna focus as much on the really cute outfit from SN@TCH that I'm wearing, but more about something that I don't see a lot of people focus on here in the feeds:  AV functionality...

Now...don't eject us from the feeds because of this thread...I promise it will come back to fashion & our overall need to fact...I SWEAR IT.

I 've been on the grid for 3+ years now. As such, I have amassed a gross amount of items in inventory, currently up to just under 70,000 items (and that will slim down as I consolidate my stuff).  "How do you keep all your stuff straight, Kilo?" someone once asked me.  Well ... here's a little secret: I don't.  Hence my post.  I have danced, hosted, DJ (still DJ more than the other two *beams*), built (who knew? LMAO) and one thing I found that I simply can't do without when it comes to the last option is my texture organizer, purchased from Kinex. This nifty 12-drawer texture/sculpty organizer comes with enough functionality that you can organize your building textures, scuplties AND  (wait for it....)  YOUR FASHIONS BY PICTURE if you so desired. 

Kinex uses a relatively simple drag-and-drop technology to make sorting through your stuff easier. In the example above, I have started putting the ads from my SN@TCH newsletter into the Kinex system by highlighting it, dragging the items over to the drawer marked SN@TCH (top left green category box), then holding down the ctrl key on my keyboard before dropping (you HAVE to do that part or it won't work). 

No need to worry abou accidentally adding the same picture two/three/multiple times; duplicates function on this thing is your friiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeend! You can set a bin up for each store (some will require more than one/two - each "category" does have a photo limit.  Drop a piccie in the wrong category?  NO WORRIES!! Just click the pick on the grid side (left), select move to and voila...all done [there are mass move/copy commands as well] This thing is really user friendly and copyable so you can make as many as you want! only complaint with this is that it's limited to 12 categories per kinex.  so copying can be a bit of a pain if you like to leave your toys out.  If you're this person, I recommend:

1 - renaming each kinex you drop (still keep kinex in the title so it's easy to find)
2 - pull them up when you don't need them.

Best I can tell, they're no using scripts that constantly run, but considering the way lag is on the grid in general...I'd recommend it anyway ;-)

Now back to the organizing your fashions part of this. Once you've added in these piccies, you can now delete them from your inventory (either piccie or nc with piccie in them) to help consolidate space.  This is a great thing for if you have a huge inventory like me.  Some people like to delete their LMs, NCs and even the piccies out of their clothing folder. But if you're anything like may forget what something looks like.  So my Kinex is truly my one-stop shop for playing dress-up. I simply open my NC(s) with the pick in it. Toss the piccies of the stuff I own into my Kinex, delete the nc (or piccie) and go. *ALL PICCIES MUST BE FULL PERM IN THE KINEX OR IT WON'T SHOW*

Then...when I want to remember what is in each folder (not all items come with a see? ... helps you remember *winks*) so I can pick something to wear, I rez my Kinex, click the drawer and start looking. Once I know what I want to wear (like today's ensemble seen above), then voila...I'm dressed and off the parcel! WOOTS! (Another secret...I just started remembering I could use Kinex for this...LAST NIGHT.  I've had Kinex for almost TWO YEARS! GAH!  All that time wasted! X.X)

So yeah..there it is. Kinex...a rediscovered gem in my massive inventory that I simply can not do without and SN@TCH one of the my favorite places to shop (and urf displays) that I wouldn't dream of abandoning in my inventory. And since I'm showing you interface and junk...I figured I'd offer up the cameos of my screen so you can see my other SL survival tools as well.

Happy shopping!

<3 Miss K

p.s. a special thank you to katey coppola who helped me get my bed adjusted this morning because this one time...i'm a noob (as witnessed below) :P:

[2011/02/03 04:24]  Kilolo Jenkins: the position 3 pose for the preview is a little elevated from the bed.  will there be a way to adjust that in the regular release?
[2011/02/03 04:24]  Katey Coppola: You can do it in that one :) type /1a to get the menu
[2011/02/03 04:24]  Kilolo Jenkins: OMG I love you! LMAO
[2011/02/03 04:24]  Kilolo Jenkins: and i might be quoting this last part of the convo :P  link forthoming :D
[2011/02/03 04:25]  Katey Coppola: Okay yay! hahaha :D

p.p.s.  i think this officially counts as my very first in a very backlogged (read: LATE) entry into the 52 weeks of color challenge for GREY (the outfit...pewter...looks a lot like gray :P)

the deets:

Today's Star: KINEX texture organizer (also avail on marketplace)


hair: analog dog - dive-onyx
outfit: :::Sn@tch Sultry Days::: in pewter/silver

onscreen sharez:

Stasis HUD
Abranimations - Mocap AO (no not telling which one :P They all rock!)
HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.1 RC2
Thomas Conover: HPC TP-HUD 2.3c (to navigte around my parcels many hidden locations)
Meike - Hug & Kiss 2.02 Deluxe


GLITTERATI - Bed - VIP (L$500 join fee..but so worth it)
Long Awkward Pose - the standing pose :)


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