A Beautiful Death...

week 2 - blue - 4
I was reading this wikipedia article on the colors of China and their significance and found it kind of funny/fitting considering that the outfits I chose for my incredibly late week 2 submission of the 52 weeks of color challenge were three colors from the Chinese culture: blue, silver (white) and gold.

One of my favorite outfits,  the Killer Kunoichi by Femme Fetale takes the classic cheongsam and brightens it using a brilliant azure blue color with silver accents.  I found it fitting and sort of ironic that for blue to mean funeral/death, the color of this incredibly sleek and sexy outfit is known as a killer. While I do have a minor problem with how the prim skirt bends on my av, the issue is so small that only I would truly notice it.  My favorite part of the outfit? The sai of course ;)

week 2 - blue - 2

So as I was putting this look together, it dawned on me I had another Asian themed outfit in blue.  After rummaging through my inventory, putting it on and finally adjusting the prim, I happily danced around my new studio eager to shoot it.  The Dragon Arts ensemble from B@re Rose comes in several colors one of which is this amazing blue with gold accents throughout the outfit.  Gold, per the article, means good luck and balance and is one of China's more beautiful colors.

The detail on this costume is amazing. The very intricate pattern of the gold draped over the blue(as seen up close on the wing in the photo above) made for a fascinating look that while it probably can't be worn every day, makes for an awesome outfit to wear for contests, a themed party, role playing or maybe even wearing around the house. To top off my look, I found these pretty spiffy katanas on the marketplace and as I slipped them into my little hands, it all simply came together and screamed 'it's time to snap, Kilo."  So...I did :-)

week 2 - blue

Golden Blue aka Beautiful Death?  Indeed it is...indeed.


Outfit: Killer Kunoichi-Azure Blue - Femme Fatale - Sixy Graves
Hair: creatives! hair .: spinned midnight :. G2 !!
Makeup: cheLLe - (eyeliner) EyePop Blueberry


Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Dragon Arts
Hair - Gritty Kitty: Slant - blue
Shoes - J's Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals 10Colors
Accessories - [LX] Steel Dragon DCS2/CCS Katanas

poses used: glitterati * diesel works * just a pose * marukin


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