SL to RL to SL to RL to SL to RL OMG!!!

So, as this is a fashion blog, and we have A LOT of fetish types in Second Life, I thought I’d feature a website I stumbled across in my searches of random shit. collars1

Dogs wear collars. They wear them so that us average humans can identify their name, owners phone number, or address, and current vaccines. Similarly, well, aside from vaccines, submissive in a D/s community will wear collars to identify as well…

As most of you know, in the D/s world, a collar is everything. Or at least for some it is. The collar can represent so much to so many. Safety, Comfort, Belonging, Sex… mostly I’ve realized that in SL, it is associated with those who are not necessarily living a D/s lifestyle, but wish to convey the portrayal of “Kink” with their partners.

No matter the reason for wearing the collar, whether you’re the “Hot Topic” wearing type, or are engaged in RL D/s relationships… a collar is simply, a collar. Like a ring, it’s the meaning behind the item that leads us down our paths…

So yeah, now, back to my random… or was that my random… this website I stumbled across is a RL customize your own collar site. It has multiple options from straps to buckles to studs or gems, color and size… it’s simply an amazing site. Not only can you buy collars but they do custom belts and cuffs as well.

So for all of you out there, looking to further your adventure, or maybe start one… Check CFLogoout :) 

Now, if only someone in SL could do a create your own collar thing. That’d be cool :)


Anonymous June 15, 2010 at 4:44 PM  

I luvs my collar !!!

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