3 Outfits, 1 Day = EPIC WIN!

I know I know I know, I have been a slacker, a HUGE slacker, but with RL and my SL commitments, and having way too much damn fun, can ya blame me? *eyes her sisters to not say a word!*

Today I bring you 3 outfits of EPIC WIN! 

#1 – WICKED GEAR http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wicked%20Gear/131/183/22

Pictured here is a very elegant off the shoulder top called Fleur De Lis.   It is a wonderfully textured dark blue low cut, yet still classy top.  It also comes with optional cuffs (not pictured).  I have paired it with the NEW RELEASE Jeans also from WG  $195L Black Low Dress Jean.  The prim attachments are well built and detailed to make it look almost seamless as much as you can in SL *giggles*.  This outfit is great if you are looking for something well made, and something along the more casual line of dress on the grid.  WG has a lot of great product ranging from classy to down right scandalous, and as always, with a target for the discerning shopper who doesn't want to spend a ton of L’s to look good.Great Job guys, and thank you to Sophia for the heads up on some GREAT items ;)

#2 – DELIRIUM  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nightscape/130/87/22

Don’t get it twisted when you search for “Delirium” in your search bar.  This is the ORIGINAL place for the best URBAN Gear on the grid as far as I am concerned!  Pictured to the left is their outfit called “Epica”, it has quite a few options as Christel Morane usually gives to all her items.  This item was courtesy of a Group Challenge.  Splixxen Miles woke us all up with a question about one of their many ensembles and yours truly was the first one to answer correctly (who is not a member of DS Staff).  I was able to choose one outfit for my answer, and I chose “Epica” – shes cute, flirty, and damn makes your curves go POW.  Delirium is currently having a group discount sale on their SIM, so get your butts down there, join the group and have a blast, trust me, you will love it.

#3 PACADI JASHA - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GOL%205/109/83/22

Shop*Gasm Girls are huge fans of Pacadi Jasha’s  Lotta Shelman, so I was all over it when I received this pretty item to blog.  Just in time for summer, they have released a small summer themed line that you can pick up by visiting the GOLden Shopping district.  No they haven’t reopened their SIM sadly, but perhaps one day :)  This fun and romantic pink piece is called Alis, it also comes in a very dark green and a light blue (if I remember correctly).  The ripples of the fabric on the texturing just blew me away, its so well constructed, it made me squee!  I have been wearing this around the grid all morning!  No lie, I have pictures to prove it, I just hope my butt doesn't get banned.  Anyways, back to the lingerie.  *drools*  I LOVE the heart that PJ puts into their outfits and this is no different.  Quality items for a reasonable price, who couldn’t say know to breaking the “Don’t buy the fat pack, just cause” Rule.

So there ya have it folks.  Tons of options to be had this Monday morning, and THANK YOU to all those who gave me inspiration to blog once again.  More often than not I head to the feeds for some sort of kick start, but they have been so lacking the last few months, nothing has made my jaw drop quite like these.  So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, have a fabulous Monday!  ♥ Suite.


Kilolo Jenkins June 7, 2010 at 2:03 PM  

Are those...the new shoes from Maitreya in the 2nd piccie sissah? *droooooooooools*

Suitelady June 7, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

They sure are ;)

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