Content Creators Beware: Loyalty DOES Mean something...

Especially in SL clientele loyalty means your longevity in the virtual world.  We are all creatures of habit and if you have an amazing product, then we are more than willing to follow you, support you, give you ideas just so long as we are not taken advantage of.  Case and point: Purrfect 10 Shoes.  

For the last year I have been mulling over spending the HORRENDOUS price of $510L to join their VIP.  Why you ask? Well because I have seen these shoes all over the grid and they are in fact NICE shoes.  But to gouge people right from the start?  Not so much.  Claiming to be gifting their VIP clientele with "new" product, which ends up being re-colored versions of what is already out there. No so much.

So tonight I am sitting with 2 of my favorite ladies as we are madly working on our own projects, one screamed in my ear with a loud "OH HELLLLL NAH"  and this is what she was speaking of....

Purrfect 10 VIP Group Changes
Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 00:50:39 GMT

We have some exciting changes in store for Purrfect 10 in 2012 which includes reworking our group system and closing our VIP group.  This is not the end of gifts and special events, just a change to how we will be offering them to our valued customers.  More info attached.

Don't miss our special Thank You event for our VIP customers, 50 percent off EVERYTHING until Friday :)


To Our Valued VIP Members,

Thank you to our valued VIP members for supporting the first year of Purrfect 10! We hope you have enjoyed the many VIP gifts, discounts, and specials.  As we head in to 2012 we have decided to rework our group system and will be closing our VIP group.  As a final thank you for your support we will be offering a special 50% discount on ALL OF OUR FULL PRICED ITEMS to our VIP members only until end of day Friday.  Also, our previous VIP gifts from this past year, including our holiday releases are still free for VIP members for the next few days.  Make sure to pick them up before Friday.  After that day our VIP release shoes will be available to everyone for 99 L.

We encourage  you to join our regular Purrfect 10 group (free to join) to hear about our new discounts and special events in the New Year. Find our standard group below.... (you can copy and paste it onto chat and click to join :) )

Now, to tell that to your 1000+ VIP members who have spent $510L to join your group to get some not so amazing deals in the end.... SLAP IN THE FACE.  Sorry Purrfect you kinda "put your shoe in your mouth".

Do the math....  $510L x 1000 = $510,000, and I know the group was fast growing to 2000 members.  I am happy to say that I am glad my first instinct paid off in not joining the group.  Because as it stands now, as you will see your customer base who is aleady not happy, will be even more so.

Customer Loyalty is everything.  In SL it is easy to want to make a quick buck, but learn a lesson, greed is not the way to go, and this is just as greedy as they come.  My apologies to all those who love Purrfect 10 shoes, but in my honest opinion ya'll just got hosed.


Emerald Wynn December 26, 2011 at 8:53 PM  

Wow. That is a STEEP PRICE for a VIP group.

I've never shopped at this store, but I've heard some great things about their skin HUD.

I think the biggest slap in the face for group members is offering all the previous VIP gifts for 99L to everyone. If it costs more than 500L to join, they could've just waited and bought five pairs of the VIP shoes for that price during the upcoming sale. Woo!

Kaeko Freenote December 27, 2011 at 8:13 AM  

You know, I won't join groups that want to charge that much. Even Chop Zuey, I waited for a "Join for Free" day. Why? Because you're damn lucky to have me as an invested customer. I'm going to take and post pictures of myself in your creations, I'm actually going to open your notices and consider buying your new releases the day they are released, I'm going to tell all my friends and family you are my FAVORITE designer. If you have good designs but horrible prices and you want to rape me on your group fee, it tells me you're greedy and only creative enough to release a few exciting deigns...but you're afraid you can't keep up with demand. I need new thoughts and releases, no someone resting on one good idea.

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