Grayson Has Arrived!

I have been seeing way too much beef-cake on the grids of SL.  For this reason I was so excited when Stare came out with a new shape called Grayson.  if you look closely, he bares a similarity to I dunno, the lead singer dude from My Chemical Romance.  *winks*

This shape is so wonderfully crafted by Talah in her Stare Studio to show that men don’t have to be huge and beefy to look sexy.  I love how the abs are softly seen, the shoulders rounded perfectly, and that hip line *grins* Oh and lets not forget those lips…..

Stare is filled with so many other amazing shapes, it’s a must if you are looking for change and very affordable.  Who knows you might just bump into Talah herself Winking smile


Talah Magic May 29, 2011 at 11:49 PM  

The face isn't as uhm, narrow and long as shown. You'll have to try the demo's in the store to see or check my blog for the ad photos. I'm not sure why the face looks as it does in this blog. Thank you for taking the time to blog my shape though Suitelady :)

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